Putting together a DIY kids costume doesn’t have to take weeks of planning and crafting during naptimes or late at night. It can be as easy as gluing together a few pieces of felt and rummaging through your closet. Whether you need a costume for Halloween night or the school party, a mask is a simple alternative to a full costume. It also means your little one won’t be fussing with intricate outfits or heavy wings all night. Here are 12 cute DIY masks to make for your kid(s) this Halloween.


1. No-Sew Dragon Mask: Make this ferocious dragon mask in one afternoon with the help of a printable template. Put it all together with iron-on fusing or your favorite craft glue. (via Lia Griffith)


2. Koala Mask: A few pieces of scrap faux-fur go a long way toward making this mask more than just a piece of cardboard. Pair with basic gray clothes for an instant koala costume that is perfect for a casual party or school dress-up days. (via My Poppet)

Super Heroes-018

3. Super Heroes: Your little superhero needs superhuman strength, so make sure this mask can keep up — go the extra step with grommets to secure the elastic so it doesn’t come undone halfway through the night. The last thing you want to do is fuss with a broken mask when there’s trick-or-treating to do. (via The Homes I Have Made)


4. Paper Plate Masks: A great rainy day or after-school craft, these masks are made from things you probably already have around the house. Paint the plates and cut out all the pieces the day before if you’re short on time or working with a group of kids. (via Oh Happy Day)


5. Cupcake Wrapper Cat: Clean out your overflowing stash of cupcake wrappers and turn them into adorable no-fuss masks. Break out the glue sticks and get to work. (via The Craft Train)


6. Felt Wolf Mask: This one might look intimidating to the novice crafter, but give it a try. Besides a few blanket stitches for detailing, this mask actually requires zero structural sewing. (via The Mom Creative)


7. Octopus Mask: Transform your kid into a beautiful bedazzled sea creature in less than 30 minutes. If you’re planning on using a lot of gems, reinforce the mask with a piece of cardboard to keep it from falling down. (via Pretty Prudent)


8. Owl Mask: Layers of colorful ruffled crepe paper add dimension and character to an otherwise ordinary mask. Pair with a bow tie to add a dash of wisdom. (via Martha Stewart)


9. Felt Monster Crowns: These felt and cardboard monsters are sturdy and won’t obstruct vision. Glue extra felt inside the headpiece for added comfort. (via Eye Likes Ideas)


10. No-Sew Woodland Animals: Do your best raccoon or deer impression with a simple, no-sew project you can do in a single afternoon. Whip up a few extra for the whole family and see how many different costumes you can come up with, based on clothes you already own. (via Bon Bon Break)


11. Paper Mache Dinosaur: What started out as a construction hard-hat and cardboard is completely reworked with the help of paper mache (aka flour, water and newspaper). Plan to tackle this project over a few days to account for the multiple drying times. (via The Surprise-aholic)


12. Vampire Bat: Pair with black long sleeves and pants to keep the cold weather from interfering with the most important part of Halloween — candy! (via Babyccino Kids Blog)

Which one of these simple masks will you be making this weekend? Take a picture and use #britstagram to show us!