Sure, Halloween is just a month away, but chances are you’ll need plenty of costume changes to get you and your kiddo through every party, school event and kids’ fiesta on your calendar. If you’re struggling to fit in time to go shopping for wigs and masks, we’ve got a mega time-saving option that looks just as cool, and all you need is your printer! Keep scrolling for 12 Halloween costumes you can make in just a few minutes.


1. (Not So) Cowardly Lion: Part of an entire Wizard of Oz collection, this lion mask will give your little one all the courage he needs to fight off any scary monster that comes his way. (via Thompson Family)


2. Luche Libre Mask: Leave your colorful mask as-is or go crazy and embellish it with paint, glitter or even feathers. Anything goes on Halloween! (via Happy Thought)


3. Royal Crown: Whether your little one is dressing up as a peaceful benevolent royal or an evil ruler, this crown will stick around long after the last pumpkin is thrown away. Let those tiny fingers do all the decorating with different-shaped Post-it notes for a no-fuss activity. (via Lily Allsorts)


4. Wild Animals: These masks make the ultimate last-minute costume while still showing off your baby’s adorable face. After the party, come home and put on a fun improv play. (via The House That Lars Built)


5. Freeky Frog ($4): This two-part mask is a great base for your costume. It would look amazing with an all-green outfit for a typical (but still awesome) frog, or paired with a suit and paper crown for a frog-prince twist.


6. Peacock Mask: Cut out all the pieces and let your kid have fun putting it together. When their creation is complete, have them slip on the mask so you can measure the right spot for the eye holes. (via Children Inspired Designs)


7. Printable Deer Mask (5 masks for $10): Here’s another look that can be changed dramatically based on the outfit you pair with it. Paint the nose a brighter red and wear all white for an unexpected Rudolph costume, or go with basic black.


8. Bunny Bandit: There’s a two-eared bandit on the loose this Halloween, so you’d better hide all the candy. Print out the template and cut a second eye piece out of black paper to take the mask to outlaw status. (via Minted)


9. Treat Bags: Don’t forget to make something for all the other little goblins at the party. All you need are two brown paper bags and a small stick for each one. Finish off with a ribbon and free printable tag, fill with candy and let the bewitching begin. (via Two Crafting Sisters)


10. Paper Crowns: Choose your favorite design, print out the pre-colored crown and decorate to your heart’s desire. This is a great excuse to clear out your leftover craft supplies. (via The House That Lars Built)


11. Nutcracker: Use it for Halloween and save it for a cool Christmas decoration. We have a hunch this nutcracker mask will be hanging around for the rest of the year. (via Llevo el Invierno)


12. Fox Mask ($3): Put on your best pair of suspenders and your favorite bow tie to complete this fantastic fox costume. (via Smallful)

Which one of these printables will make it to the party with you? If you use one, take a picture and tag #britsagram so we can see it!