Whether you have an acre of perfectly manicured grass or a tiny balcony in the city, summer is all about appreciating those outdoor spaces. From casual evening dinners with friends to sun-drenched afternoon naps and Sunday morning brunches, your patio is a little oasis where you and your friends can (and should!) linger for hours. With their bohemian cabanas, fairytale porches and gorgeous pools, these 19 dreamy patios aren’t exactly realistic for everyone, but it’s *almost* summer and we’re having fun doing a little daydreaming.

1. Thrift Treasures: It’s time to head to the thrift store and find a couch. It only needs to last for the summer, and you can cover it in a collection of pretty, colorful blankets to get your desired look, whether that’s boho, tropical or tribal. (via My Domaine)

2. Tiny Spaces: If you’ve got a tiny patio, you probably won’t be able to fit that whole outdoor dining set. BUT sleek, modern furniture (think: IKEA) is ideal for small spaces, and it’s affordable. Another plus about outdoor furniture is that you can paint it the brightest, most ridiculous colors you want and it’ll always look fantastic. (via IKEA)

3. Stylishly Cheap: There are lots of ways to upscale your patio without spending a fortune, although elbow grease is required for a lot of it. How cute is the unexpected tassel garland on this porch? (via My Prudent Baby)

4. Cozy Up: Nothing encourages good conversation better than a well-planned seating arrangement. Comfort is key when lounging outdoors, so use a plushy couch or DIY pallet couch and mix in cushions and poufs for extra seating. (via Domino)

5. Balinese Inspiration: Would you believe that some of the pieces on this dreamy patio are from IKEA? Using less expensive patio pieces keeps costs reasonable so you can have more fun with accessories like these ones inspired by the Far East. (via Style Files)

6. Light It Up: Hang one huge statement light, lanterns or a string of lights to create a soft glow on the patio at night. Also, having a couple side tables in the seating area ensures everyone will have a place to set their evening cocktail or morning coffee. (via My Domaine)

7. More Plants: Even though you may already be surrounded by greenery, adding in more decorative plants in beautiful containers will help jazz up any patio. You can vary the height and shape of the plants and bring in more color and personality through a collection of eye-catching pots. (via My Domaine)

8. Painted Blocks: Does this patio bring back childhood memories of sidewalk chalk? If you have a $0 budget to upgrade your patio this summer, perk it up with a few colorful patches of paint and you’ll feel so much happier when you step outside. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Boho Feels: We love adding DIY art to the inside of the house, so why not put some artwork in your outdoor space too? For art on the cheap, frame your kiddo’s latest masterpiece or try your hand at some really big, messy art. Even if you don’t love it, it’ll look terrific on the porch. (via Welke)

10. Evening Sparks: Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere and helps fend off the evening chill like a roaring fire — plus it’s perfect for roasting marshmallows and gourmet s’mores. Even if you don’t have the space to have a full fire pit, you can replicate the glow with a big grouping of candles or oil lamps. (via Lonny)

11. Pitch a Tent: Remember camping in the yard when you were little? This cabana is just a more grown-up version, and it looks incredibly inviting. Keep stylish throws handy to ward off any evening chills. (via Lonny)

12. Add Accessories: Style your outdoor retreat as you would any other area of your home, incorporating decorative accessories to add personality and flair. From stylish hurricane lanterns to vintage garden stools, this last layer of decor sets your place apart and injects a unique aesthetic into your exterior living space. (via Camille Styles)

13. Country Charm: The limited color palette of this indoor porch makes everything bright and playful, especially when you throw in a retro, floral print. Painting just the backs of the rocking chairs is a fun way to inject a little more color without the whole space feeling like Tweety Bird moved in. (via Country Living)

14. Chilling Poolside: Why even bother going on vacation if you have a pool like this to sit by? Yellow and blue are complementary colors, so anytime you have a water feature, add some yellow accents to really make the furniture pop. (via Domino)

15. Swing Low: If you have room for only a chair or two, go for an extra special piece like a hammock or a hanging egg chair. Not only is it an unexpected focal point, but it is also way more fun than just another chair. We can just picture spending an entire afternoon cozying up here and digging into our summer reading list. (via Pier 1)

16. Accessorize: From hurricane candles to succulent planters, accessories are all part of the fun of decorating your patio. Bringing in unique vases and lamps is an affordable way to add character. You can fill them with bright fruit from the kitchen or pretty stones you’ve found around your backyard. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

17. Twinkle Twinkle: Overhead twinkling or vintage-inspired strand lights are an excellent way to create a relaxing retreat. Add in overhead fixtures and globes, and don’t forget exterior sconces or wall lanterns to help further illuminate your space. (via Willow and Jade)

18. Classic Wicker: DIY your own secret garden by planting vertical gardens and hanging planters all the way around the sitting area. Keep an eye out for brass planters and vintage wicker furniture that can be refreshed with spray paint and new cushions. (via The Post Social)

19. Stenciled Deck: This stencil game is on point with its black and white pattern. If you have to paint your porch, this is definitely the coolest way to go. We’re also eyeing that in-table cooler… a new DIY perhaps? (via Home Depot)

Which was your favorite patio? Are you doing any patio decorating this summer? Talk to us in the comments below!