It’s pretty obvious that we love adding colorful accents to our living space. A fail-proof way to inject some bright hues into your humble abode is with a cute little thing we like to call the tassel. And while we’re a huge fan of tassel jewelry, we’re especially on board with primping your pad with them. But you don’t have to throw a party to whip out out these fringed babies. These little ornaments are so cute, they should be appreciated daily. That’s why we’ve got 25 ways to deck out your place with colorful tassels.

1. DIY Love Pillow: Express your love for embroidery with a fun throw pillow. This would also make a fab gift! (via Flax + Twine)

2. Canyon Tassel Fringe Hammock ($118): Relax in style with one of these beautifully boho hammocks. If you don’t have a yard or trees to hang it between, the corner of your bedroom will work just fine. And it comes in three colors!

3. Fringe Tassel Garland ($45): You don’t need to throw a party to hang up this string of beauties. Dress up a blank wall, garnish your mantle or hang over a doorway for a pretty decoration that can stay up permanently.

4. Pom-Fringe Duvet Cover ($89): This playful duvet cover has our name all over it. The rainbow cotton tassels outline a fluffy white set that would look awesome on any bed. Oh, and the shams ($44) are sold separately, so don’t forget about them.

5. Pillows and Blankets With DIY Tassels: Dress up any basic throw blanket or pillows with this tassel tutorial. It’s semi-homemade at its finest, folks. (via Martha Stewart)

6. DIY Neon Tassel: See how much better this little seating nook looks with the addition of a quirky tassel? This quick and easy tassel tutorial shows you how to make one and gives you ideas on where to put them. But we say put ‘em EVERYWHERE. (via The Red Thread)

7. Cord Tassel Pull: The classic roller shade has never looked cuter. All you’ve got to do is attach a funky tassel and you have a whole new window treatment. (via Martha Stewart)

8. DIY Tassel Tea Towel: A bright embroidery thread is all you need to create this lovely textile. We wouldn’t mind getting one of these beauties as a hostess gift. (via Homey Oh My)

9. Tassel Mobile ($65): These gorgeous wall hangings may be perfect for parties, but putting one up permanently will make your home feel inviting everyday. FleurLux’s Etsy shop has tons more options to choose from, too.

10. Mekong Tassel Hand Towel ($28): We don’t know what we love more about this cotton towel: The global Moroccan print or the alternating blue and white tassels. Alright, fine. The tassels.

11. Tassel Stitch Table Runner ($298): We’re pretty certain that this is the most beautiful table runner we’ve ever seen. Handmade in Peru, this colorful masterpiece is all you need to dress up your dining surface.

12. Handmade Tassel Lampshade ($259): From the floral print to the classic shape and the bold colors, there’s something so antique-looking about this floral lampshade.

13. DIY Yarn Tassel Garland: How freakin’ adorable are these easy-to-make yarn tassels? Hang a strand on your kids’ bunk bed or better yet, on your own headboard. (via Jacks + Kate)

14. Handmade Tassel Pillow ($44): These made-to-order pillow covers will freshen up any ol’ couch or bed. Personally, we’d use ’em to decorate the beach house or breakfast nook.

15. One of a Kind Tassels ($49): We are totally head over heels for these colorful pom pom tassel strands. They’re so unique, you can’t even choose your color combo. It’ll be a surprise when it arrives!

16. Tassel Tiebacks ($15): The average curtains will get a major upgrade with these purple and pink hued tassel tiebacks.

17. DIY Ombre Wall Tassels: This DIY project is so fun and easy, you’ll want to make a new one every weekend. They look super fab on a white wall, but on a blue wall?! Brilliant! (via PB Teen)

18. Fade Out Tassel Rug ($24): This woven cotton cutie will add some color to your floor, whether you place it on the edge of your bed, doorway or couch. We’re especially digging the faded tassels.

19. Tassel Cake Topper ($26): You can’t throw a birthday party without some tassels to spice things up. This beautiful cake topper is a great start.

20. Velvet Tassel Pillows ($58): Well aren’t these just adorable? These fabulous frilly throw pillows come in four different bold colors so you can mix it up. You can never have too many throw pillows.

21. DIY Woven Hanging Planters: These stunning DIY planters may take a little work to make, but they’re well worth your time. Look how adorable they are! (via Fall For DIY)

22. Geometric Tassel Pillows: Standard square pillows are so last year. Hop on the geometric train with this colorful cushion tutorial. (via Brit + Co)

23. Tassel Trim Curtains ($32): Bold blue tassels grace the edges of this breezy curtain panel. Hanging one (or more!) of these babies will have your home feeling like the beach in no time.

24. DIY Tassel Lampshade: White can be clean and classic, but here at Brit HQ, we can’t resist adding color to anything and everything. If you’ve got a white lampshade laying around, some embroidery floss tassels will give it the subtle makeover it’s begging for. (via A Subtle Revelry)

25. DIY Tree Swing: This tree swing makes us want to forgo urban living for a suburban home with a big tree. If outdoor swings aren’t an option, it would also make a gorgeous hanging shelf in your living room. (via Design Love Fest)

In which way will you be incorporating tassels into your home decor? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us a pic at @BritandCo!