Enjoyed responsibly, we’re all about packing a flask filled with our favorite spirit before we trudge out into the snow. But for a special night out, it’s even more fun to mix things up. These 15 flask cocktails do just that. And go ahead and treat yourself to the top-shelf stuff for these sips; the lack of ice once strained into your to-go cup makes the splurge all the more important.


1. Rosemary Old Fashioned: Simply pour rye, rosemary syrup and a few dashes of orange bitters into your canteen for some on-the-go imbibing with an herbal twist. (via A Spicy Perspective)


2. Bourbon and Thyme Cocktail: For best results, use a non-reactive vessel — stainless steel or glass — to carry this lemony sip. (via Set the Table)


3. Sidecar: Three ingredients is all it takes to mix up a classic, well-balanced sidecar. The blend of high-quality cognac and orange liqueur will warm you up right. (via Punch Drink)


4. The Adonis: Now everyone who wants to can celebrate with an adonis by their side. The combo of sweet vermouth and sherry is akin to a sweeter, less brash Manhattan; an attractive quaff, indeed. (via The Bartenderess)


5. B+B Cocktail: A true classic, the brandy and benedictine cocktail was once readily available already bottled, making it a perfect contender for a to-go tumbler. (via About Food)


6. Farmhouse: Apple brandy and smokey mezcal are mellowed by just a touch of lemon juice and maple syrup to create this rustic-yet-elegant concoction. You’ll be glad to take the occasional swig all night long. (via 10th Kitchen)


7. Preakness Cocktail: Simply omit the splash of herbal benedictine to transform this well-balanced drink into a classic cocktail: the Manhattan. (via One Martini)


8. Old Fashioned Cocktail: Even when served at room temperature, the old fashioned is sure to please. A touch of water, spoonful of sugar and a few drops of bitters take the edge off of straight up whiskey. (via Home Sweet Jones)


9. In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour: Complex without being cloying, this cocktail features a slew of thoughtful, top-shelf selections. Exactly the sort of thing that should go into a flask. (via Wonderland Kitchen)


10. Rob Roy Cocktail: Sweet vermouth tempers assertive Scotch to create a luscious libation that even non-whisky drinkers can enjoy snuggling up with. (via Bourbon and Honey)


11. Copa del Diablo: Hot, spiced cider can’t be transported safely in most flasks (burns are no bueno), but not to worry. This cooler mix featuring apple brandy and rum is just as delicious. (via Wedding Chicks)


12. Iced Coffee Cocktail: If you need a little caffeine boost, this cold-brew vanilla vodka cocktail is for you. To avoid spoilage, simply omit the milk or swap in a little Irish cream. (via Jelly Toast Blog)


13. The Godfather: We’re all for bringing back this retro, two-ingredient drink made with just Scotch and amaretto. (via Apronclad)


14. The RHS: The full name of this drink may be a bit off-color, but don’t let that stop you from mixing up a batch of these cran, peach schnapps and Jaeger shots. We know just the vessel to pack it in. (via HubPages)


15. Jolly Brit Honey Bourbon: Mmm hmm… this oughta warm ya right up. (via Brit + Co)

What usually goes into your flask? Share your on-the-go spirit preferences with us below.