There’s nothing worse than a #badhairday. Before you go thinking that to get commercial-worthy locks you have to spend hours and bucks at the salon, check out these products and tricks that will leave your hair so shiny, they’ll start calling you Glossylocks. And don’t worry about doing any heavy lifting. These products and hacks practically do all of the work for you.

1. Start Wth a Clean Slate: They say healthy hair starts with a clean scalp. Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Shampoo ($5) works with all hair types and instantly removes up to 90% of dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Use this treatment once a week to detox your tresses and get rid of the gunk dulling their shine. (via Allure)

2. Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar for a Natural DIY Option: There are oodles of uses and benefits for this pantry staple. Apple cider vinegar ($4) will balance your hair’s pH level, promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp, treat dandruff and give your hair extra bounce, body and shine. Simply use apple cider as your conditioner. (via Free People Blog)

3. Use a Wide Tooth Comb to Detangle Wet Hair: Whether your hair is fine or curly, combing in the shower to detangle the bird nest sitting atop your head is much gentler than attacking it with your paddle brush. Use Ouidad’s Wide Tooth Comb ($8) to de-kink the knots out of your tresses after you rinse out your deep conditioning treatment. (via Teen Vogue)

4. Always Rinse With Cold Water: Too much hot water can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dull and lifeless. But turning your faucet from H to C and rinsing out your conditioner with cold water smoothes the hair cuticle, allowing it to reflect more light and give the appearance of shinier, healthier hair. (via BellaSugar)

5. Squeeze Hair With a T-Shirt Instead of a Towel: Swapping out your terry cloth towel for a simple cotton t-shirt will cause less friction, resulting in less frizziness. My fellow curly girls, this trick works especially well for you because a t-shirt won’t mess up your natural curl pattern like a towel does. (via Michelle Phan)

6. Let Those Tresses Dry Naturally: Too much heat styling can exhaust your locks and leave them lackluster. Embrace the natural texture of your hair by opting to air dry and giving your hairdryer a rest. Don’t want to leave the house without a little style? Check out our tutorials on what to do with a wet mop. (via Brit + Co)

7. Replenish Lost Moisture With a Leave-in Oil Treatment: A few drops of Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil ($27) instantly moisturizes hair, leaving it soft and full of beautiful shine. Its silicone-free formula depends on the hydrating power of buriti oil to give your locks the moisture they deserve. Or try Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($38). This lightweight, quick-absorbing oil features a luxurious blend of six oils and two extracts that soften, tame flyaways and add shine immediately and over time. It also contains UVA/UVB filters and offers heat styling protection. (via Livestrong).

8. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo + Conditioner to Maintain Color and Shine: Living Proof’s co-owner Jennifer Aniston has one of the most iconic heads of hair, so naturally we’d choose her line of sulfate-free shampoo ($28), conditioner and leave-in treatments to keep our tresses picture perfect. (via Huffington Post)

9. Eat Well and Hydrate: Here’s a tip from one of our most Pinteresting celebrities who also happens to be a superstar DIYer: Lauren Conrad swears by eating nutrient-dense foods for healthy, happy hair. A good rule of thumb is to create a colorful plate at mealtime. So while you’re at the store picking up ingredients for DIY hair masks and products, don’t forget to fill your cart with fruits and dark green veggies, whole grains, nuts like flaxseeds and walnuts, beans and omega-3 fatty fish like salmon or mackerel. (via Lauren Conrad)

10. Try a Hair Gloss Treatment: Different than a dye job, stylists and color pros recommend getting an in-salon hair gloss treatment to repair existing summer damage and provide intense conditioning for a non-commitment change that isn’t as harsh as regular hair color. John Freida’s Clear Shine Luminous Color Glaze ($10) is an at-home kit that you can use as a once-a-week shine surge treatment. It works with every hair color shade, whether natural, highlighted or color treated, for clear, dazzling shine every day. (via Huffington Post)

How do you keep your hair super shiny? Leave us a comment below!