Those last minute gifts are ordered. The wrapping paper’s been purchased. You’ve just barely recovered from the office holiday party. And, for some of us, it’s now time to head home for the holidays!! Before you head into a weekend filled with baking, wrapping, wining, and dining, here are all the fun holiday ideas we’ve served up over the last month. And wouldn’t you know it, we happened to make 25 things! :)

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But before we get to the recipes, tutorials, and GIFS, we’ve gotta give props to the folks at Cookhouse, Bellus Wines, and the holiday aisle at our local dollar store for making the Brit + Co. holiday party rock. Telltale sign you’re at a party filled with makers? Two people brought Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutters!

Now, onto the holiday hacks!

Holiday Sweets

1. Cookie Christmas Trees: Oreos, snicker doodles, Nilla Wafers, and Nutter Butters come together to create these cute little trees.

2. Ornament Cupcakes: The best part of these cupcakes? Gold food spray-painted peanut butter cups! So good.

3. Holiday Bark: Peppermint, cookies & cream, and s’mores. A veritable trifecta of bark goodness.

Trimming the Tree

4. Stained Glass Ornaments: Want to customize your ornaments? Use food coloring and glue to create your own stained glass.

5. Ornament Garland: Got 10 minutes and ton of ornaments? Garland it up.

Boozy Bites

6. Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops: Fruitcake’s not always bad, especially when combined with bourbon ice cream.

7. Baileys Bonbons: 4 ingredients and one of them is Baileys. Oh, and no baking required. What more do you need to know?

8. Eggnog Pudding Shots: Pudding shots are winter’s Jello shot. Creamy, sweet, and easy to spike.

9. Spiked Strawberry Santas: Spiked frosting, Oreos, and strawberries. Done.

Winter Walls

10. Pennant Flag Banners: Need a last minute holiday decoration? Print out these pennant flags and make a sweet banner!

11. DIY Photo Booth: Make your own photo booth with wrapping paper and printable mustaches, sunglasses, and glasses. So cute.

12. Bow Wreath: This is easily the simplest holiday wreath around.

13. Washi Tape Trees: No room for a real tree? Use colorful tape to DIY it up.


14. Peppermint Pattie White Russians: The dude would definitely abide.

15. Nutella Hot Chocolate + Marshmallow Sandwiches: The sweet version of grilled cheese and tomato soup – so cozy!

16. Chai Hot Toddy: There’s a new kid on the hot holiday beverage block.

Festive Decor

17. Hipster Stockings: Still don’t have stockings for the new little ones and spouses in the family? Get on it!

18. Glowing Centerpiece: LED candles and dried flowers are all you need to get your holiday glow on.

19. Candy Cane Votives: Remember that food coloring + glue trick? Add electrical tape to the mix to create candy cane designs!

20. Washer Snowflakes: Hardware gone holiday.

Gift Wrap Ideas

21. Unconventional Gift Toppers: Can’t figure out how to top that awesome present? Put one of these fun toppers on it.

22. Glitter Gift Wrap: If you’re a Brit Kits subscriber, you’re already on this one. And if not, what are you waiting for?

23. Creative Gift Wrap: From yarn to duct tape, we featured these 15 ways to gift wrap on a budget over on the Today Show.


24. Weirdest Santa-Themed Items: Admittedly, we didn’t “make” this but we did find some of the weirdest stuff ever.

25. Holiday GIF Guide: No explanation needed.

And that’s a wrap. Now go watch Home Alone with the fam!! :)