The holiday season is the perfect excuse to let the laundry pile up and spend the day crafting instead. Grab your favorite little helper and wander the aisles of the craft store together gathering supplies, or raid your stash at home. You won’t need much besides a little time and creativity (okay, and maybe some glue too). Here are 22 fun and festive DIY projects to make with your kids before the year is over.


1. Cinnamon Stick Ornaments: Break out your glue gun and your collection of spare buttons. These tiny ornaments would look adorable as package toppers or scattered throughout your Christmas tree. And thanks to the cinnamon stick base, they smell good too. (via Crafts Unleashed)


2. Geometric Snowman: A fun geometric snowman is just what your mantle is missing. Print out the template, fold on the lines and glue the whole thing together (don’t forget his carrot nose and black top hat!). The whole family will look forward to seeing your new addition every day. (via Minieco)


3. Wine Cork Reindeers: The wine corks you’ve been hoarding are about to come in handy. Twist together a pair of antlers from silver pipe cleaners and insert them into the top of the cork. Two eyes and a red nose later and you’re done. Make all eight of Santa’s reindeer or just stick with a few Rudolphs. Either way, this craft is a keeper. (via Vicky Barone)

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4. Felt Trees: Keep your toddler away from your precious glass ornaments by making them a tree of their own. There is no glue necessary, since felt naturally sticks to itself. Your child can decorate (and re-decorate) their tree as much as they want. (via The Nerd’s Wife)


5. Menorah-saurus: This isn’t your Bubbe’s menorah. Make this rawr-some creation by attaching candleholders to a plastic dinosaur toy using a small drill bit and strong glue. Spray paint the entire thing and insert the candles. As always, keep an eye on the candles if you plan on lighting them. (via Bible Belt Balabusta)


6. Mason Jar Snow Globe: This snow globe may not have water in it, but it’s still as cute as can be. Thread small white pom-poms on pieces of thread to create the effect of falling snow and stick them to the jar lid with tape or glue. Just make sure you give this decoration a prime location in the house, because it’s definitely worth showing off. (via Classy Clutter)


7. Paper Straw Trees: Get some use out of the leftover paper straws and make these colorful tree ornaments. Create an alternating pattern, stick to a single color or do one of each. This is an easy craft that even the smallest elves can tackle. (via Simple As That)


8. Salt Dough Ornaments: Perfect for a rainy day when you can’t run out for supplies, these salt dough ornaments only require three ingredients you probably already have (salt, flour and water). Roll it out and get creative with the shapes or use your cookie cutters. (via Viva Veltoro)


9. Cookie Plate: Let Santa eat his cookies in style with a festive plate. Decorate a plain white plate with paint markers and let it dry. Put it on display until Christmas and you’ll have a fun piece of decor you’ll look forward to seeing each year. (via A Mom’s Take)


10. Paint Chip Garland: The next time you’re at the hardware store, swing by the paint department and snag a bunch of swatches. Trace your design on the back and get cutting. This is a great project for kids that are just learning to how to handle a pair of safety scissors. (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)


11. Tin Can Christmas Tree: Rescue three different-sized cans from your recycling bin and turn them into this cool tree. Make ornaments from things like pom-poms and small bows and attach a small magnet to the back of each one so your kids can move them around all month long. (via Babble Dabble Do)


12. Grinch Toilet Paper Rolls: Introduce your little one to the grinch with this project inspired by the classic tale. If anything, it’ll give you an extra excuse to snuggle up with cups of hot cocoa and read the book together. (via Crafts By Courtney)


13. Cookies: Put on your apron and make it a baking day. A simple shortbread cookie recipe keeps this process easy. Have fun with the frosting and package them up for your neighbors. Just make sure you taste test a few first ;) (via Brit + Co)


14. Felt Ball Garland: String felt balls on a piece of bright embroidery thread and this will immediately become your new favorite decoration. Go with multicolored felt balls (instead of the traditional green and red) so you can re-use it for parties all year long. (via My Sparkle)


15. Popsicle Stick Elf: Cut out the pieces and glue the popsicle sticks together ahead of time and let your kid handle the rest. Draw on the nose and mouth with black marker or paint and don’t forget to have them sign their name on the back. This is one project you’re going to want to hold on to. (via I Heart Arts ‘n’ Crafts)

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16. Snow Slime: Play in the snow without ever stepping foot outside. Store in a ziplock bag inside the refrigerator before and after play time to give it an icy cold edge just like the real thing. (via Growing A Jeweled Rose)


17. Glittery Menorah: Hanukkah never looked so good. If your kid is begging to have a menorah in their room, but you don’t want to worry about open flames, look no further. Use materials like an old aluminum foil box and the tube inside to keep the cost (and trips to the store) to a minimum. (via Crafty Jewish Mom)


18. Snowflake Painting: Use masking tape to make a snowflake shape on a blank canvas and let your kids go crazy with different shades of blue and white paint. Let the canvas dry overnight before carefully removing the tape to reveal the masterpiece underneath. (via Ten Kids and a Dog)


19. Pinecone Trees: Go on a nature walk and collect fallen pinecones along the way. Then go home and turn them into the cutest mini Christmas trees with a touch of giltter. (via Elementary Art Fun)


20. Potato Stamps: Help your kid make their own holiday cards with a simple potato stamp. Cut the spud in half and carefully carve the stripes before painting on your colors of choice. Stamp on thick cardstock and glue on pieces of twisted pipe cleaners to look like string. Now, just sign, seal and deliver. (via Crafty Morning)


21. Coffee Filter Snowflakes: Transform your windows into snowflake covered works of art with something most of us use every morning: coffee filters. Hang with double-sided tape and admire them straight on through New Years. (via


22. Fingerprint Snowmen: These fingerprint snowmen are a fun project and great gift for grandparents and extended family rolled into one. These gifts are worth a messy and fun afternoon covered in paint! (via Eighteen 25)

Will you make any of these projects with your kids? Do you have another favorite project we should try? Tell us in the comments below!.