Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite lounger. Take a cue from Kendall Jenner and fill the hammock-sized hole in your heart (and living room) with an indoor hanging hammock or hammock chair. And before you dismiss the swinging chair as “too boho,” know that they can totally work in minimal space. Plus, just imagine how sitting in one will feel like an instant vacay. Whether you choose to set up a swing in your bedroom or hang a hammock in your breakfast nook Kardashian-style, here are 16 indoor hammocks to keep those chill vacay vibes going all year long.


1. Boho Hammock Chair: No load-bearing beams, no problem. This free-standing hammock acts just like a normal piece of furniture, except way cooler, obvi. If you’ve got the floor space, this chic hanging chair could be just what your living room’s been missing. (via The Design Files)

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2. Living Large: Not only is this the perfect place to rest your feet with a magazine, but this hammock is set up right outside the kitchen, so you can swing for a minute while enjoying your morning cup of joe. The hooks in the pillars make this an easy piece of furniture to take down if it ever gets in the way. (via The Plum Guide)


3. Hang Tight: Here is the perfect example of a bohemian paradise: lots of textiles, a hanging hammock chair, hanging lights and plenty of plants. Skip the armchair and hang a hammock chair like this one for a flexible furniture setup. (via Emily Henderson)


4. Modern Chic: If you think the hammock look is just for boho-lovers, think again. This modern living room totally rocks an all-white hammock chair with gold accents and a simple wood rod. (via Black Lacquer Design)


5. Blushing Pink: Thanks to Pantone, rose quartz home decor is trending hard, and a hammock seems like the perfect way to incorporate the shade into your existing living space. Hang it right in front of a sliding door so you can enjoy those warm weather breezes as long as they last. (via Bo Bedre)


6. Beanbag Bliss: Yeah, go ahead and ditch that to-do list, because once you crawl in here, you’re not leaving for a while. This hammock and beanbag combo is probably the best invention ever. (via Le Beanock)


7. Window Views: Here’s proof you can have a little fun while decorating and still be #adulting. A burst of blue is just what this neutral living room needed to really come alive (and keep kiddos entertained). (via My Cakies)


8. Monochromatic Beauty: This fringed hammock gets a big thumbs up in that mini home library. Though it’s killin’ the neutral minimalist look, you can always brighten it up with colorful throw pillows and big house plants. (via Wallpaper)


9. DIY Hammock Chair: A reading nook feels equally chic as a breakfast nook, especially when you get to personalize the pattern with your own color palette. Once you hang this beauty in your bedroom or living room, it’s guaranteed to become your new favorite hang-out spot. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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10. Scandinavian Chic: Light hammock beats a heavy sofa any day. The sturdy woven fabric combined with a convenient side table make this lounging option so much more relaxing than any sofa. (via Vosges Paris)


11. Sitting Pretty: A hammock chair can be the perfect way to decorate an awkward corner, especially if you’re running short on floor space. The best part? You can just push it out of the way if you need room for your yoga routine or a meditation space. (via Design Sponge)


12. Chill Zone: If you’re looking for a creative way to divide up an open floor plan, look no further than a pretty hammock. It gives the illusion of a wall, while also offering extra seating in the living room. (via Planete Deco)


13. Sleek Minimalism: Why wait for your next holiday to enjoy a refreshing cocktail in a comfy hammock? Hang the classic white cotton rope hammock in front of your windows so you can unwind no matter what the weather’s like outside. (via Design Sponge)


14. Colorful Crochet: Bring on the wow factor in a way that adds playfulness to your home with this surprising, bright orange crocheted hammock. If you’re looking for a fun way to kick back, look no further than a hammock chair for creative extra seating. (via Design Sponge)


15. Snuggle Bus: Create the ultimate napping corner with a seriously cozy hammock chair. Adorn the hammock with lots of patterned pillows and throw blankets, and keep a stool or side table on hand so your cup of coffee and magazines are always within easy reach. (via Paulina Arcklin)


16. DIY Swinging Hammock Chair: If you’ve fallen in love with the hanging look, why not DIY your own hammock chair? Pick up canvas cloth, wooden dowels and fabric paint, and make sure you’ve double-checked your ceiling is strong enough to hang this indoors. Once you’re done, grab your favorite book and enjoy your stylish new seat! (via Brit + Co)

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