Calling all homemakers: When you’re looking to give your home a little spring upgrade, there’s hardly a better interior-obsessed celebrity to look to than Jessica Alba. Even though she no longer lives in it full time, this little two-bedroom house most recently profiled on Domaine Home was Alba’s first home purchase and still holds a special place in her heart. She’s moved onto a bigger space for her family, but she transformed the spare into a vacation rental and guest house. The “nautical jewel box” as she describes it, is decked out in cool blues accented with reds, grays and vintage decor pieces. Soaring ceilings, hilltop views and lots of natural light — this small-living gem embodies Alba’s love of all things natural. Let it inspire your own home decorating adventure.

Comfortable Luxury: Since she was decorating the house as a weekend rental rather than as a family home, Alba tried to create the luxurious feel of a hotel stay with all the comforts you could want. The living room features 20-foot-high ceilings, a black iron spiral staircase and a library mezzanine for a distinctly old-world feel. However, with the blue color palette and bright red accents, the decor steers clear of “old” and stays fresh and trendy.

Light and Bright: Wanting to play up the high ceilings and fabulous hilltop views, Alba opted for simple, sheer window treatments with bold, black borders that draw the eye up and out to the incredible scenery. The giant black and white horse photo adds pattern to the room, but doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Throw in Color: Featuring a charming collection of vintage furniture like midcentury modern armchairs and velvet couches, the space gives off a definite bijou vibe. The bright accent pillows bring in lots of colorful patterns. Whether you’re into typography orpattern play, throw pillows are a great way to add personality to your room. Plus they’re really easy to make, so you can switch them up whenever the mood strikes.

Workspace: Even if you don’t have a whole room you can dedicate to a home office, just setting aside a little space for a desk can help keep work and fun separate. With a little planning and a tiny bit of compromise, you can even create an efficient workspace for two no matter how small your home is.

Metallic Love: We love that Alba didn’t shy away from mixing her metals. Silver chairs, a brass chandelier and gold picture frames are anchored together with a bold black dining table.

Be Green: Alba lives a very mindful and eco-friendly lifestyle, and she wanted to carry that mindfulness throughout the decorating process. Even though the color palette is blue, the design process is very green, with water-based low-VOC paints, sustainable carpeting and organic mattresses.

Neutral Tones: The bedroom is calm and restful, featuring neutral tones and tribal accents. But we can’t stop smiling at those playful tassels on the bedspread. They make us want to start adding tassels everywhere in our home.

Reading Nook: How fabulous is this cool blue reading space? (Or napping or chilling-with-a-good-drink space.) Velvet is the hottest trend in furniture right now, and just having one feature piece is a fun way to bring some colorful luxury into your home.

Bar Cart: We weren’t surprised to see this chic home rocking a bar cart. The bouquet of flowers and single, small piece of art creates the perfect vignette and conversation piece. Whether you’re rocking the classic IKEA cart or a fun vintage find, creating a bar at home is fun and easy.

Pattern Play: To create an adventure-seeking, globe-trotting look, Alba chose a bold selection of artwork with vibrant hues and a mix of subjects, some of which were even unexpected flea market finds. We love the way this couch is rocking the patterns. Stripes, tie dye, it’s all good here.

Library Chic: The bold black bookcases create a striking focal point to display all the colorful books and creative bookends. If you don’t have tons of space to carve out a reading nook, even just putting one chair by the bookcase invites readers to have a seat and enjoy a few moments with a favorite book.

What do you think of Jessica’s nautical paradise? Would you stay here? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

(h/t Domaine Home)