If there鈥檚 anything we鈥檝e learned from years of piling on the cold weather gear, it鈥檚 that you lose the most heat through your head and your feet. We鈥檝e already shared our favorite ways to style winter hats, so now we鈥檙e moving on to your fancy footwear. These stylish 鈥 and warm 鈥 knee-high boots will take your winter shoe game to a whole new level. Check 鈥檈m out!

1. Heeled Knee-High Boots ($124): Black pumps are a necessity in every woman鈥檚 closet. And ladies, you鈥檙e in luck because we just found the boot version. These are versatile and super classy.

2. Lenka Tie-Back Boots ($328): Did somebody say tie-back? We鈥檙e sold. These guys are a bit pricey, but their style factor is out-of-this-world.

3. Amali Boot ($88): Okay, so we said cozy, but these were too amazing not to share. Have you ever seen cutout boots this gorgeous?

4. French Blue Over the Knee Boots ($60): Whoever said blavy wasn鈥檛 stylish clearly hadn鈥檛 taken a look at these over the knee boots. At that price, we might pick up a pair in black, too.

5. Steve Madden Northside Tall Boot ($200): We鈥檙e swooning after the quilted leather and exposed gold zipper combo on these Steve Madden boots, which you can style as girly or grungy as you please.

6. Landry Tall Boot ($228): That stretchy black panel will help you keep all of your jeans 鈥 not just the skinny ones 鈥 tucked inside these stylish boots. Just try to resist touching that supple leather.

7. Stacked Heel Tall Boots ($44): These clean cut boots are so sleek, especially with that awesome stacked heel. At under $50, how can you not buy a pair of these?

8. Lace Up Tall Boots ($65): Regular combat boots are always trendy, but they鈥檙e not exactly the warmest pick for this time of the year. Introducing the perfect solution: knee-high combats.

9. Woolrich Roadhouse Buffalo Plaid Tall Boot ($240): The combo of bright red plaid with tough leather detailing has these boots serving up cozy with a side of edge.

10. Expedition Boots ($190): Expedition boots? It must be time for a stylin鈥 adventure.

11. Suede Knee-High Boots ($150): Let鈥檚 just say it: Braids are amazing. They look good in your hair and your jewelry, so why not your boots?

12. Frye Ruby Zip Tall Boot ($428): With those pointed toes and simple detailing, we can hardly believe these leather boots are Frye!

13. Fenton Leather Knee-High Boots ($229): The distressed detailing on these boots gives them that extra vintage touch, perfect for this memory-filled time of the year.

14. Metal Detail Leather Boot ($100): Bummed your leather jacket isn鈥檛 warm enough to wear on those snowy days? Maintain your moto-chic look with these gorgeous boots from Zara.

15. Love Leather Knee-High Boots ($181): Shave some time off your morning routine with these riding-style boots, which are so simple that they鈥檒l go with everything. You鈥檒l be thanking us for those extra minutes you spend under the covers.

16. Block Heel Knee Boots ($96): That鈥檚 right, color block boots are a thing. Are you as excited as we are? Because we鈥檙e pretty gosh darn excited.

Do you have your eye on a new pair of knee-high boots? Share your thoughts in the comments below!