When the Lisa Frank adult coloring book came out, LF fans everywhere flashed back to our rainbow-obsessed tweens and felt the LOVE all over again. Well, prepare to jump back into the *foodie* time machine for a return trip. The latest trend is Lisa Frank foods and it will to make you feel like a kid in a candy story. From Lisa Frank cakes to Lisa Frank milkshakes to Lisa Frank donuts and every magical rainbow and unicorn food trend in between, the future is one sunshine-y bright LF world. Here are 15 Instagrammers who are bringing on the glitter stars, pastel rainbows, and dancing unicorns.

1. Unicorn Cookies & Milk: Rainbow straws and unicorn macarons make an Insta-worthy LF food tableau. We *need* that unicorn mani STAT.

2. Rainbow Floss Sammy: Have we fallen down a rabbit hole and awoke in the new Lisa Frank live-action animation flick? Our breakfast bagel has gone rainbow-bright.

3. Rainbow Cookies: In true LF fashion, these cookies look *almost* too sweet to eat.

4. Unicorn Ice Cream: You’ll want to make like a “Candy Girl” and scarf this baby up.

5. Rainbow Grilled Cheese: Whip up a batch of these ROYGBIV sandwiches and everyone will be your BFF.

6. Rainbow Cereal Donuts: These rainbow donuts will satisfy all your color cravings. Prepare to taste the rainbow!

7. Rainbow & Funfetti Pancakes: The only thing better than a tasty short stack to a LF fangirl is a pastel rainbow or funfetti TALL stack — topped with pastel fairy floss.

8. Fairy Floss Waffles: You just know these pink cotton candy-topped waffles are sparking smiles across the room.

9. Rainbow Sushi: Maybe fish can make you smarter — especially when it comes in the form of rainbow sushi. Turns out, technicolor foods actually trick the brain into tasting flavors that aren’t even there. It’s a scientific fact.

10. Rainbow & Unicorn Cupcakes: Oh, em, gee — we sure hope Lisa Frank is looking RN. These guys are so adorable, they should be actual characters in the next LF collection.

11. Unicorn Hot Chocolate: Calling all girly girls. One sip of this pink hot chocolate will turn you into a princess — for reals.

12. Unicorn Shake: So long, freakshake! There’s a new boyfriend in town, and he’s stylin’ in pastels.

13. Pastel Rainbow Cotton-Candy Layer Cake: Cutting into this beauty is like an explosion of springtime — and the piñata pony topper is party-perfect.

14. Unicorn Cupcakes: Bring in a box of these magical cupcakes and watch every face in your meeting room light up with childlike glee.

15. Leftover Easter Candy Freakshake: The color palate of Peeps does seem LF-inspired. But *leftover* candy? Where is that a thing?

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