Nails have become just as important of a statement as hair, beauty and fashion lately — just look at this campaign of support for Bruce Jenner. While we consider ourselves mani masters, we might have to try a few test runs for the newest trend blowing up our Instagram — peekaboo nails… or #louboutinnails.

While Christian Louboutin’s polish is a little pricey at almost $50 — or over $600 if you’re looking to splurge — you can hack your way to high heeled nail heaven with your preferred colors.


Take the infamous red sole and apply it to the underside of your (longish) nails, and you are officially part of the movement. You can also get crafty like some of our Insta friends and go for unique color combinations — perhaps some pretty evil eyes for spring?

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.45.25 PM

Paint something pretty on your nails and link us to your Instagram in the comments!

(images via, @megancup_nails, @thehautespot, @maya_nakamura91, @nailartbyjen)