We know what you’re thinking this AM: Ohhh, too many fireworks, too many haute dawgs and too many (okay, never too many) Likes on that picture of you with the Uncle Sam ‘stache. Make July 5th the second best day of the month with a few downloads for your smart home and your smart self on your smartphone down below. It’s an all-new episode of What’s App-ening, coming at you live, right here, right now. And you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your bed. <3

1. New MakerBot Apps: To compete with the pending army of apps and printers that let you 3D print straight from your phone, MakerBot goes mobile with apps for your iPhone or iPad. Their latest download lets you explore and shop items on Thingiverse, scroll through your MakerBot library and print anything you want straight from either place. Spy on whatever you’re printing so you can monitor the process and how much time you have remaining. And, of course, there are handy share options so you can show off the goods as soon as they’re made.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Wink: The Internet of Quirky Things is about to get a serious upgrade to its unifying app. Starting July 7, your smart home will have a whole new home on your phone and 60 Wink-enabled products will be shoppable in Home Depot stores across the country to hook you up even further. Using Wink, sync your Aros AC, your Reter energy meter and, someday, Palette, your at-home nail polish maker to monitor and control su casa from su phone. These are home improvements we can approve of.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

3. Polymo: This photo app turns your camera roll into its own carefully categorized social network for your eyes only to sift and browse through. Tag that photo from last night as Summer, July 4th and Friends and it will hang out in each category and show up whenever you search for each tag. Similar to Overswipe, which we talked about last week, this can even hide some photos in a private, password-protected folder.

Cost: $1.99 for iOS

4. YPlan: You know that friend that you don’t hang out with all the time, but when it’s time to party, you’re like, “Yo, girl, wuz up?” This is that app. But even better. It’s a going out gateway that wants to hook you up in the moment so you have a good tonight, every night. Open it up and it offers ideas and a two-tap purchase system for events nearby, happening that night. A couple coworkers and I used it to nab tickets to an after hours science museum event this week, and right this second, I could go get a flight of beer and apps (the other kind of apps) for only $19 at a brewery in my ‘hood. Uh… brb!

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

5. Facebook Messenger for iPad: If you’re not on a Facebook boycott right now (and you have every right to be) and you chat best with a tablet in your lap, Facebook Messenger now lets you send friends stickers, smiles and yes, plain text on your iPad.

Cost: Free for iPad (and all iOS devices)

BONUS: ICYMI Edition!!

We show you and your phone a good time all week here at Brit + Co, so to help you stay in the loop, I’m going to start rounding up our favorite apps from the ENTIRE week every Saturday in case you missed them the first write up around. Sound good? Thought so ;)

Digital Detox Apps: Need some tips and downloads to help you chill out this weekend and beyond? Here are nine!

Ringly: The prettier than the average wearable ring announced eight new apps that it will sync with once it’s on your dainty little finger come fall.

Keep: This is one tap shopping at its awesomest.

Passe-Parout: So you think you can choreograph a ballet from your tablet? Yeah, you can with this download.

FitList: This app turns your phone into a personal trainer, tracking your workouts and helping you piece together new ones. #BikiniSeason

What apps did you download this week? Which app have you downloaded from our lists? Share it with us below!