We’re already known Reese Witherspoon lovers for endless reasons. She provides us DIY inspo and book club picks, but she is so much more than just a Southern belle who we can’t take our eyes off of for life tips and wanderlust feels. In the short window of time that we weren’t busy repinning Reese’s Pins, we did an in-depth scroll through her Instagram feed and discovered she’s one of us: a modern-day homemaker. Check out 17 ways the actress pretty much perfectly embodies one of our fave terms/state of mind — and help us convince her she should join the #IAMCREATIVE Foundation panel ;)

1. She’s a Natural in the Kitchen: And with one picture, we’ve got a list of recipes we want you to whip up, Chef Reese. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

2. She Loves Monograms: Nothing screams homemaker quite like a custom-initialed notepad. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

3. She Gets Creative in the Kitchen: Yeah, so she might be getting some help with those Mickey Mouse waffles, but who’s to say she hasn’t whipped up a batch of Apple Cheddar Waffles? We’re definitely not gonna say she hasn’t ;) (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

4. She Loves a Photo Shoot: Seriously though, who doesn’t love a photo booth? Especially when there’s a creative backdrop + props. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

5. She’s Got Beauty Tips: “Bring a tiny makeup bag to any event for a quick fix!” Who else is ready for the actress to join our resident beauty expert Misty for even more tips and tricks?! (Photo via @draperjamesgirl)

6. She Hangs in a Donut: Just like us, she loves donuts any way she can get ’em. Sidenote: Make like Reese and buy your very own donut pool float. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

7. She’s a Total #GirlBoss: Running her own empire, just like someone else we know ;) (Photo via @draperjamesgirl)

8. She Loves to Sew: You think the Hot Pursuit star took our online class before sitting down at the machine? (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

9. She Loves a Flower Crown: How great does she look as a flower child next to her lookalike daughter? (Photo via @avaphillippe)

10. She Loves Playing With Fabrics: Of course she loves playing with fabric. (Photo via @draperjamesgirl)

11. She Gets Creative With Her Plate Presentations: Seriously, she could have an entire Instagram account sharing her face plates. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

12. She Knows How to Look Fab for Brunch: Yep, she knows how to impress her brunch dates. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

13. She Gets Creative With Workouts: Why walk or run when you can throw on some skates for a workout? (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

14. She Is a Packing Pro: Hey girl, we’ve got some tips for ya for the future ;) (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

15. She Makes Big Home Decor Decisions: Just like us, choosing the right patterns and accessories to decorate the home is important to the Draper James founder. Solid choice with that palm leaf pattern, BTW. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

16. She’s a Baking Queen: Looks like Taylor has a future baking partner in the kitchen. But really, how do we make that happen? (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

17. She Even Has Chic Casual Picnic Style: The only thing missing from her cool outdoor look is a DIY drop cloth blanket. C’mon Reese, we know you wanna add some pineapple to your solo party. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

What is your favorite homemaker aspect of Reese Witherspoon? Let us know in the comments.