All summer long we’ve been munching on crisp spiralized salads and dipping our spoons into refreshing bowls of gazpacho in an effort to beat the dog days of summer. However, summer is going to come to a screeching halt before we know it. In no time, we’ll be throwing those big juicy winter roasts in the oven in order to kick off comfort food season with a hearty welcome. But truth be told, a roast isn’t a *roast with the most* unless it has a kick-butt veg side. Get ready to trade those grilled veggies for the roasted sort, because we’ve got 15 roasted vegetable sides that’ll knock your wooly socks off. And if you’re looking to keep things vegetarian, then just serve with poached eggs on top and you’re done!

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1. Maple Roasted Dutch Carrots: The fact that carrots can improve your eyesight might be a myth; what isn’t a myth, however, is how crazy delicious roasted carrots can be. These gorgeous root veggies are tossed with maple syrup and balsamic for a deep, rich flavor perfect for fall meals. (via Cook Republic)

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2. Rosemary and Balsamic Glazed Pumpkin: Pumpkin always turns up in food and flavoring come fall, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy it in its truest form. Roasted with rosemary, this side dish is super fragrant and earthy. Forget those overly sweetened lattes; THIS is the pumpkin we crave. (via Whisk Affair)

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3. Roasted Brussels Sprouts: People either love or hate Brussels sprouts — there is no in between. If you fall in the latter category, you’re doing it wrong. Brussels sprouts are dynamite when cooked properly, and this simply seasoned variation will prove it. (via The Blond Cook)

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4. One-Pan Roasted Mushrooms: Roasted in a bright and buttery lemon sauce, these mushroom caps might have you skipping the main course. This is one of those sides that you need to make a lot of, because everyone will be asking for second helpings. (via Girl and the Kitchen)

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5. Roasted Broccoli Salad With Pine Nuts, Raisins and Feta: Eat your trees! Roasted broccoli is a fave among many when it comes to sides, but this roasted broccoli gets a major upgrade with added nuttiness, sweetness and tang. (via Yummy Beet)

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6. Char Siu Style Roasted Eggplant: The days of eggplant Parmesan being the only way to enjoy eggplant are gone. Inspired by the unmistakable flavor of Chinese roast pork, this healthier and lighter version will keep your taste buds happy and longing for more. (via Pickled Plum)

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7. Roasted Stuffed Heirloom Tomatoes: This heirloom tomato side dish could also double as a centerpiece, don’t you think? Stuffed with cheese, crème fraîche and thyme, this cannot miss. We can almost taste those juicy flavors bursting in our mouths right now. (via Running to the Kitchen)

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8. Sage Kale Pesto With Parmesan Roasted Acorn Squash: It’s not really fall until a plate of roasted squash shows up on the table. This dish amps things up by adding some nutty and herbaceous pesto to the mix. Needless to say, it’s a crowd pleaser. (via Food Faith Fitness)

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9. Tandoori Roasted Spicy Sweet Potatoes: Does anyone even bother with regular ol’ spuds anymore? Sweet potatoes are clearly where it’s at. The seasoning blend in this one adds a nice level of spiciness to counter the tuberous root’s natural sweetness. Sweet potatoes forever, PLEASE and thank you! (via WhitBit’s Kitchen)

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10. Roasted Fingerling Potatoes With Tarragon-Shallot Butter: Okay, so what we said about regular potatoes earlier? We take it back. These tender, colorful gems are fast, easy and fabulously flavorful. Done in less than 30 minutes, they pair wonderfully with roasted meat and seafood. Don’t you just *love* a flexible side dish? (via A Beautiful Plate)

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11. Citrus and Honey Roasted Beets: Beet lovers, we’re not sure if you’re ready for this glorious concoction. Are you sitting down? Topped with creamy goat cheese, these rich and earthy beets are jazzed up with fresh citrus juice and raw honey. Did we mention the creamy goat cheese? Just making sure. (via Eat Your Beets)

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12. Roasted Turnips With Brown Miso Butter: Nobody talks about turnips. That needs to change — and this dish is a great conversation starter. They’re smothered in brown miso butter, so you’re sure to get your umami fix with the salty and sweet flavors. (via Our Four Forks)

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13. Roasted Aubergine and Yoghurt Sauce: Tender roasted eggplant topped off with creamy, tangy yoghurt and za’atar? Yes, please! These babies are a perfect year-round side with a ton of wow factor. Top with pomegranate seeds for a bright burst of color and flavor. (via My Kitchen Antics)

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14. Roasted Beet, Peach and Crispy Chickpea Salad: If you feel like summer went too quickly, we hear you. Peaches being in season is always bittersweet; bitter because it’s summer’s end and sweet because they’re delicious. Savor the last days of the season with this awesome side — a blend of earthy beets and sweet peaches. (via Life Is but a Dish)

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15. Crispy Lemon Herb Roasted Baby Artichokes: Food isn’t always cute, but when it is, it’s because it’s BABY ARTICHOKES. With vivid flavor and a crispy texture, these cuties are tossed in lemon juice and sprinkled with kosher salt. Evidently, they’re a perfect healthy snack or side. (via Running to the Kitchen)

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