Whether you prefer to get your sodium through a luxurious bath soak or a big bowl of Ramen (#nojudgement), salts are totally in right now. We already covered the quirkiest ways to shake it out, and we know how well it goes with chocolate, but it’s time to take salt to the spa with these savory beauty products. Scroll on for 13 gels, lotions and sprays you’ll want to add to your collection asap.


1. Dirty Springwash ($29): Get the tingles with this minty-fresh shower gel infused with spearmint and menthol crystals. This multi-tasker doubles as a shampoo, so you can cut down on your bath products.


2. Fat Girl Scrub ($38): Every body is beautiful, but for those spots that could use a little extra love, this exfoliating pink Himalayan salt scrub smoothes your skin while increasing circulation. Follow it up with the Fat Girl Slim skin-firming cream for the full regimen.


3. Hot Salt Scrub ($38): This spa-strength, all-over scrub smoothes your bod while giving you goddess-like skin with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. You’ll be stoked that your epidermis is showing!


4. Lavender Aroma Salts ($5): Who doesn’t need a little peace of mind in a jar? Sniff this calming mix of lavender essential oils and coarse Himalayan salts for a soothing mind and body experience.


5. Lavender Mint ($10): Whether you smell them or bathe with them, this lavender/mint salt combo works double duty. The essential oils calm you as you breathe in and the epsom salts draw out toxins as you bathe. It’s the perfect way to relax.


6. Mai Tai Spritzer ($25): Give those beachy waves the volume and texture they deserve with this sea salt spray for all hair types. It’s formulated with rad ingredients like aloe and algae, with no traces of parabens or sulfates.


7. Ocean Salt ($25): Is it a face and body scrub, or a delicious cocktail? With ingredients like vodka, grapefruit, sea salt and extra virgin coconut oil, it’s hard to tell.


8. Rub n’ Buff ($38): Sea salt and essential oils are a match made in heaven. Try this rub ‘n’ buff scrub with lemongrass oil for an aromatherapeutic bath experience.


9. Big ($27): Big Sea Salt Shampoo has a base consisting of 50 percent salt, giving you envy-worthy hair volume. To round out its ocean appeal, it’s infused with seaweed to soften and add mad shine.


10. Sleep ($16): Your nightly bath routine needs a lavender-vanilla salty bath soak to help you get your zzz’s on.


11. Fig + Yarrow ($12): Give this gorgeous vial a shake and waft for an energy boost sans caffeine. A dash of these smelling salts can also be added to a bowl of steaming hot water for a sinus-clearing treatment.


12. Stress Relief ($16): Eucalyptus and spearmint aromas relax and uplift while the salts draw out impurities in the bath tub. Soak away that stress!


13. True Blue Spa ($25): Slough off dead skin with this natural, cooling sea salt scrub. It’s great for prepping skin before shaving or applying self-tanner. It’s got summer written all over it.

Ready to work this miracle condiment into your beauty routine? Let us know which salt products you’re coveting this season!