Let’s talk colors. The sun is shining, vibrant flowers are blooming and we are starting to eye those beautifully pastel ice cream recipes we’ve been saving on Pinterest all winter long. Color is all around us, so we think it’s time to bring it home with some new decor. Whether you’re craving a new accent wall or maybe just want to switch out all the throw pillows in your living room, summer-inspired color combos are sure to be a hit. From soft and muted combos to colors inspired by your favorite bright summer dessert, these items focus on soft, natural shades with a few brilliant bursts of color, making them perfect for every room in the house.

1. Peach + Orange ($35): Secondary neutrals are a favorite tool when it comes to choosing a winning color palette. It creates a rich, layered look that doesn’t rely on complementary hues. This pale peach feels like one of the freshest summer colors ever, and of course we love it paired with that bold orange.

2. Pillow Mint + Powder Blue ($5): Maybe it’s because the sun is out and we’re dreaming of coastal decor, but this fresh color combination feels like a breath of fresh air. Bring some summer vibes into your home with these soft pastel Mason jars; you can use them as flower vases or workspace decor.

3. Wisteria + Sky Blue ($13): Even if you’re not hugely excited about decorating with purple, a bright shade like wisteria looks just like summer, especially when paired with bright blue. Instead of going royal, lilac goes totally unstuffy when paired with another bright.

4. Creamsicle + Fruit Punch ($22 and $40): Partly, it’s just the names of these colors that have us aching for ice cream and summer treats. Whether you want to add some punch to a modern apartment or just bring in some color to a retro seaside abode, orange and pink will never steer you wrong.

5. Kelp + Sand ($72): Get an outdoorsy, nature-inspired feel without rustic beams or taxidermy deer. A rich forest green and sandy brown are the perfect colors for a picnic blanket that won’t show any stains no matter how much use it gets this season.

6. Royal Blue + White ($30): We know that you feel the same way about blue and white as we do. Pretty much the most foolproof color pairing in the book (with visions of beach umbrellas and poolside parties), this is a stylish pair you can’t not add into your life.

7. Graphite + Yellow ($22 and $15): Whether you’re decorating urban modern or updating a nursery into a (very grown-up) kid’s room, gray and yellow is the color combo you need in your life.

8. Pale Blue + Turkish Red: ($6): If you’re going for that bohemian vibe, this pairing is for you. Throw in a few Far East-inspired touches like a colorful rug and metallic accents to bring the whole look together.

9. Emerald + Blush Pink ($22): Maybe it’s the buzz surrounding Lilly Pullitzer for Target, but there is something enduring and cheerful about this green and pink trend. Bring a sense of refinement and fun into your home with this classy poster of a tennis court.

10. Pale Pink + Fuschia ($66): When balanced by dark colors, hits of metallics and plenty of light, this super feminine combo reads very modern and ultra luxe.

11. Cream + Citron ($58): The cream is all chic and classic, and then a bit of bright yellow jumps in to make a little noise. When experimenting with new color palettes, it can be fun to just add some decor pieces like trays first and then see if the colors grow on you.

What color combos have you been loving? Are you loving gray and yellow or wanting to experiment with wisteria and blue? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!