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Beer Splurge: The 29 Fanciest Brews Out There

Sláinte! It’s a regular brew-ha-ha here at Brit + Co. we’ve got all kinds of beers picked out for you. Whether you’re ready to spend $90 or $9 you’ll find some great ideas for your next splurge on suds. We’ve even got a beer from space in here! So grab your beer gear and slice up your beer bread, kick back and enjoy a cold one!


29 Laptop Bags That Don’t Sacrifice Style

We all want to put our best bag forward when going to work, but boxy laptops present a problem for the stylish tech-savvy workers of the world. And if somehow you didn’t find what you were looking for in our laptop bags that double as purses post or these bags that charge your phone, we have options that run the gamut of handbag to tote and even backpack. Whatever your needs, we’ve got it in the (laptop) bag.


Espresso Yourself: 25 Pieces of Latte Art Worth Instagramming

If you love your morning jolt as much as we do, you’re sure to enjoy these photos a latte. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) And now that you’ve mastered hot chocolate and checked out the Barista Bot, we’ve got some inspiration for your next beverage challenge, latte art! Grab a biscotti and dig into some truly awesome and edible art.


26 Workout Products for Homes Big and Small

So you’ve got your fitness apps and you gorgeous new sports bras. Now what? You may be ready and raring to get fit, but you need some equipment first. We’ve pulled together a list of great products to get your workouts going at home. Small space? No problem, we’ve found some apartment friendly options too! So get ready. The new year is a new start. You can do it!


30 Health Apps to Keep Your Resolutions Beyond January

You’ve almost done it. You’ve almost made it through the entire month of January. The next few weeks are crucial for keeping those resolutions alive for the next 11 months. And we’re here to help. Now that you’ve got your high-tech water bottle and your gym-ready headphones, check out these healthy-living apps keep on track and feeling your best.


30 Slammin’ Salmon Recipes to Keep You Fit

New Year’s Resolutions are fresh in all our minds. And there’s no better time to step healthy eating up a notch! Or at the very least an excellent excuse to enjoy some pretty rocking salmon. We’ve got salmon recipes here on all levels of healthy, whether you’d like leafy greens or cheesy polenta sitting next to this favored fish. So eat up folks. There’s a big dose of those magical Omega-3s coming your way!


Meet the Masons: 30 Jar-Inspired Gift Ideas

Our love of Mason Jars is certainly no secret! To see our ode to these practical household items just pop on over to 10 Creative Gifts that Come in a Jar or 100 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars. Today’s list has all sorts of Jar gifts, some come in jars, others are made in jars, and a few are for those who just love to make things with mason jars!


30 Decadent Red Velvet Recipes

If you’re looking at this article, then chances are that you understand our love of this bright red sweet! Well, you’re in the right place, we’ve found all things red velvet, from brownies to doughnuts, pancakes to cookies, you name it, you’ll find it here. So watch the red dye (or beets!) fly and try to keep your mouth from watering too much, enjoy!


26 Stellar No-Bake Holiday Dessert Recipes

How sweet it is! Dessert is one of our favorite parts of the holidays, but with travel and parties aplenty it can be hard to find time to bake. If you’re feeling a little oven shy or just wonder why those cookies you pop in the oven always come out blacker than golden brown, maybe it’s time to try something new! We’ve found 25 stellar “no-bake” recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest of friends and a few recipes for tricky dietary restrictions, like vegan! If you’re still craving something sweet after reading about these delectable treats try making our No-Bake Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie or our adorable No-Bake Grammy Bon Bons

Dessert Recipes

Made Us Look: A Pen That Doodles Working Circuits

Wouldn’t middle school have been a lot cooler if our gelly roller pens could have made our notebooks light up? A whole generation may now have electrifying doodles with these Circuit Scribe Pens.


To DIY For: 25 Wall Art Gifts You Can Make

If you got excited when you saw this list of 100 wall art DIY projects or couldn’t wait to try our wire wall writing project then you’ll love our latest roundup. These 25 projects are present-perfect and will make any friend or family member thrilled. Not to mention you get the added bonus of giving a thoughtful gift not found in stores!


30 Pretty Purr-fect Gifts For Your Pet

Calling all pet owners! It’s pretty much impossible to resist the impulse to buy a stocking stuffer for your favorite cat or dog. And with those cute little faces, we just can’t imagine leaving our pets out of the gifting fun. That’s why we’ve pulled together 30 great pet gifts for cats, dogs, fish, and even a bird or two! Looking for something a bit more tech savvy for your pet this season? Try these pet gadgets or this list of activity trackers.

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