The one thing we spend more time with than our electronic gadgets, iPads and phones is probably our beds. And considering how much we love our technology, the only time we’re willing to part with it is when we sleep. So it makes sense to utilize that time wisely, mainly for charging up our devices for the next day. And Z-Charge is the perfect bedside accessory to do just that.

Z-Charge is a smart charging solution that lies under the mattress, which acts an anchor, keeping the station in place. A storage pouch hangs from either side of the bed, each containing a USB hub and a power supply unit that allows up to six devices (three for each side of the bed) to be charged at once.

And to make sure your devices don’t accidently get knocked out of their pouches, each one has special Velcro attachments to keep everything nice and snug.

Z-Charge comes in three classic colors (black, brown and white), and seeing as it was successfully funded on Kickstarter, they’ll also be releasing bright pink, royal blue and soothing dove gray. A special edition leather version is a gorgeous alternative as well, not to mention a perfect holiday gift for your techie friends.

Tell us, would you grab this handy bedside charger? Let us know in the comments below!