50 Times Mindy Kaling’s Instagram Made Your Bad Day All Better
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50 Times Mindy Kaling’s Instagram Made Your Bad Day All Better

Mindy Kaling’s hustle is hard to top. Between The Mindy Project (which we’re still crying over the loss of) and the multiple new projects she’s creating and starring in, her life is a non-stop workathon that we LOVE keeping tabs on via her Instagram.

She makes plenty of time for play too: Epic vacations, tasty eats, and tons of pals make frequent appearances in Kaling’s IG feed, and it always feels like we’re tagging along on Kaling’s life through her vibrant, funny, and inspiring posts. She’s equal parts down to earth and glam AF and we are here for it all. Here are 50 times (of infinite times!) Kaling’s Instagram made a bad day better.

1. Stuntin’ in Studio City. Despite its NYC setting, The Mindy Project is filmed entirely in LA, and Kaling is looking very much the part.

2. Any time Kaling posts a shot of her and Morgan — AKA Ike Barinholtz — we die of happy.

3. Just one of the ways Kaling’s colorful feed is a treat — FRESH FLOWERS!

4. A girl after our own hearts.

5. Kaling didn’t just play Kelly Kapoor on The Office — she was a star in the writer’s room and we love when she posts memories of the show on her IG.

6. She shares the quotes that speak to us the most.

7. PUPPIES. Enough said. And seen.

8. Kaling can always be counted on for tons of good read recos.

9. She has a framed picture of Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in her office.

10. Number-one pajama style.

11. Kaling’s as comfortable sharing the realer, down-to-earth parts of her life as she is the superstar celeb ones — like filming with Reese Witherspoon (um, and Oprah) in New Zealand recently. Dying.

12. Kaling’s Instagram is ALWAYS serving looks on behalf of the entire Mindy Project cast, and we LOVE it.

13. Kaling’s BFF and on-again off-again BF BJ Novak makes many appearances, and let’s be real, this is mostly what we’re here for. END GAME.

14. NBD. Just living the LIFE.

15. Please never stop sharing Office quotes.

16. That SHIRT.

17. Yeah. We know.

18. See? The best way to keep up with the non-stop cool projects Kaling’s got on the go.

19. Even Kaling needs some motivational words sometimes.

20. Because sometimes all you wanna do is curl up with a Zach Galifianakis double feature.


22. MORE BJ!

23. Just another one of endless examples of Kaling’s *killer* style. Goals, always.

24. #Views.

25. This cozy-glam look is everything.

26. Winter ice cream cravings? Kaling took care of that. Inspiring.

27. Dressed up as Tom Hanks as Scully to procrastinate from working. Same really.

28. Even Kaling loves a Kelly Kapoor meme.


30. Literally endless style goals.

31. Kaling’s IG is basically like a color swatch of what you want your life to look like.

32. On her work grind.

33. And making time for vacay in the happiest place on earth.

34. More killer colors, epic vacays, friends by her side. Kaling is living the life.

35. She recognizes art when she sees it.

36. The weekend IG grid! Accurate.

37. Because one kind of birthday cake will not do.

38. Glam AF.

39. More good reads and great views to inspire and relax you.

40. Imagine you walked over this and didn’t Instagram it? Get outta our feeds!

41. Sometimes you just need to tuck a slider in your purse for later. Kaling knows.

42. Kaling keeps the coolest company, naturally.

43. Sometimes the only way to get the workout done is with fun and colorful gear.

44. Same.

45. The same woman that put a burger in her Chanel purse wears outfits like these. She really CAN have it all.

46. The REAL behind-the-scenes of a writer’s room.

47. Kaling and her besties went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because of course they did.

48. Everything about this is everything.

49. It’s hard work getting so glam.

50. Because sometimes you just can’t be bothered, as Kaling shows here without showering, brushing her hair, putting on makeup, or getting the gunk out of her eye. But that shirt, tho.

Never change, Mindy Kaling!

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