We are having trouble containing our excitement over the ASPCA x Vans collection. This is the CUTEST collaboration we have ever laid our pretty eyes on, hands down. It combines sneakers, puppies and kittens. Yeah. Amazing, we know.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has been protecting animals from abuse for over 140 years, removing innocent pets from abusive homes, creating humane laws and saving our furry friends from harm. The collab was designed to bring attention to animal abuse and celebrate everything the organization stands for.

The animal-collaged collection includes mens and womens sneakers ($55), a trucker hat ($20), a backpack ($35) and kids sneakers like dogs slip-ons ($40) and classic cat sneakers ($40). And the best part is, everything is available in both a cat and a dog edition. The pieces are all lined in orange, which represents animal abuse prevention.

You know that really depressing commercial with the Sarah McLachlan song? It’s so sad that we usually change the channel (or cry). These super fun pieces are a much more cheerful approach to supporting animals, and that’s something we can totally get behind. Who doesn’t want to rock photos of our four-legged friends on their feet… or backs… or heads?

So do the animals a favor and snag yourself a sweet pair of kicks, adopt a cute pet and support the cause by donating or volunteering at the ASPCA.

Will you support the cause by snagging a piece of the collection or donating to the ASPCA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t: Dog Milk)