As much as we love Britney Spears (and we love her A LOT), there was a time when we avoided sporting two braids out of the fear that we’d look like we came straight out of the “…Baby One More Time” music video. Fortunately for us, those days are long over. After spending some quality time with our favorite beauty bloggers, we realized that there are actually a ton of amazing ways out there to rock double-braid hairstyles, from fishtails to crown ‘dos. So go ahead and pull out that plaid skirt! There’s no mistaking you for a schoolgirl with these 16 trendy hair tutorials.


1. Woven, Braided Pigtails: There’s always that awkward amount of fabric left over after a sewing project, so you might as well put it to good use. This hairdo could be really good for a theme party — we’re thinking red, white and blue fabric for the Fourth of July. (via Hairstyles Weekly)


2. Twist on an Old Braid: Braids are our BFF, and this tutorial solidifies that friendship. What makes it even cooler is that it uses a reverse (aka Dutch) braid. (via Hair Romance)


3. Surf’s Up Braids: Having two braids means that your hair is less likely to slip out, which makes this style perfect for a workout, or even just a busy day. (via Refinery29)


4. Milkmaid Braids: If your hair isn’t quite long enough to wrap around your head, extensions can help you out in a pinch. Extensions or not, milkmaid braids are always a good way to keep cool on a warm summer day. (via Shirley B. Eniang)


5. Messy Fishtails: We’ve experimented with this trend in the past and, if you don’t mind us saying it, we think it turned out pretty well. Messy fishtails are a great addition to both casual and formal looks. (via Brit + Co)


6. Prim’s Braided Bun Updo: The Capitol might be the center of eccentric beauty trends in The Hunger Games franchise, but District 12’s got its own charm too. Prim’s braided buns in Mockingjay — Part 1 definitely caught our eye. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)


7. Dutch Braid Pigtails: Can’t decide if you want to rock braids or pigtails? Why not sport both, we always say. This look would fit right in at a music festival. (via Rivals Magazine)


8. Double-Sided Chain Braid: As the name suggests, a chain braid has the appearance of little interconnected links. This hairstyle will have everyone wondering how you did it. (via A Beautiful Mess)


9. Double Fishtail Plaits: If you’re a fan of tidier braids, this fishtail tutorial might suit you better. Its simple, elegant feel would make it a beautiful option for a wedding. (via Rock My Wedding)


10. Double Dutch Braids for Short Hair: Wispy Dutch braids are pretty cute, but that rainbow hair is what we’re all about. Colorful hair was such a huge trend last summer, and we’re excited to see it making a comeback. (via Hair Romance)


11. ’80s-Inspired Double French Braids: Despite the youthful name of the source, this tutorial was actually inspired by a Kenneth Cole model. We happen to love both the ’80s and Kenneth Cole very much, so this is the hairdo of our dreams. (via Los Tweens & Teens)


12. Marley Bun: This bun is also perfect for keeping your hair up on warm days, making it an obvious choice for a trip to the beach or a casual day full of errands. (via Steel Feather Lace Elephant)


13. Coachella Braids: Music festival season is at its peak, so this could not have come at a better time. Headbands are such a fun accessory, and they complement the fishtails very well. (via His Little Lady)


14. Half Crown Braids: If you’ve got beautiful curls, it’s time for you to show ’em off. This half crown will keep your hair away from your face while adding an extra bit of texture to your overall style. (via Hair Romance)


15. Waterfall Braids into Double Frenchbacks: There are about a million different kinds of braids out there, making the act of combining them quite tempting. If you’ve got a bit of time in the morning, we’d recommend trying this out. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)


16. Fishtail Pigtails With Ribbons: Last, but absolutely not least, check out these cute pigtails. They might be a little more schoolgirlish than the rest, but we love them anyways. (via StyleCaster)

Which of these braided hairdos would you try out first? Let us know in the comments below!