Here at Brit + Co, we’re always on the scroll for Instagrammers who bring major creativity to the ‘gram game, and lately we’ve become obsessed with June Digan. Her flawless hand-lettered quotes, executed with watercolor paints (dreamy), stir up all the feels we go through every Monday through Sunday and back again. Hop on the emotional roller coaster of a week in June Digan quotes (AKA our reality).

The mantra we all say to ourselves as the alarm clock shouts at us. Let’s do this!

As another fabulous weekend filled with making and indulging comes to a close, it’s time to mentally prepare for the week ahead. Sunday night is totally about pumping yourself up and silently dreading the workweek.

Seriously, it’s already Monday morning? The only way to get out of bed and get dressed to make that commute is a freshly roasted pot of coffee. Where’s our IV drip?

After all those cups of coffee (or, like, four espresso shots), it’s somehow Tuesday. It’s all about crossing off everything on that endless to do list before happy hour on Friday (err, make that Thursday?).

Hump day has finally arrived! Make sure to breathe as the realization of Wednesday means half of the work week has been conquered, so managing the rest of it should be easy — as long as it doesn’t drag like the beginning of the week.

Remember that Thursday happy hour idea from the beginning of the week? Yeah, that’s not happening since the work really built up. Now we’re totes #hangry.

Yes, today will be so awesome because it’s Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday). Fingers crossed it’s also a payday, so we can stop and shop before hitting the bar.

Pizza, wine and sweets… it’s Saturday and the only place to be tomorrow is brunch. So yeah, worry about the calories on Monday.

Aren’t these paintings a totally accurate description of the emotions we feel throughout the week? Just remember if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed (ahem, Monday through Friday) there is a Wonder Woman inside of you ready to conquer the week.

BONUS: Because, duh! Cookies all day, everyday.

Make sure to follow June for even more typography feels right here.

Which day of the week do you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below.