The early ’00s were simpler times… we had shows like MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County to get us through our stressful middle and high school weeks while texting our BFFs on our T-Mobile Sidekicks or hopping on our computers for some light AOL instant messaging and Myspace Top 8 friend curating. No Snapchat Filters, Instagram Stories or trending topics on Twitter and Facebook to distract us.

During that time we were introduced to a group of sun-kissed teens — specifically Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari — who would both later star in an even bigger hit for MTV, The Hills. The show eventually turned into an ensemble docudrama slash “reality” series. We ALL know what those quotes around reality mean ;)

The ensemble squad of this show, which included Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Lo Bosworth, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner and Justin Bobby, rivals other groups like The Breakfast Club crew, the endless parade of women from The Real Housewives franchise and even BFFs Lizzie McGuire and Miranda Sanchez. So naturally, these real-life characters made us want to make the perfect nostalgic Halloween group costume. Scroll through for nine (!!!) different Halloween looks for you and your BFFs (or frenemies) to rock, whether you’re a California girl or not. Trust us, you don’t want to be known as the girl who didn’t dress up as Lauren Conrad — or someone in her world — if given the chance. Psst, if you need a quick refresher on all things The Hills head HERE RN ;)


Lauren Conrad vs. Kristin Cavallari

The original frenemies. If you’ve got a lot of history with your number one BFF that will make for fun bickering back and forth in between hair flips and eye rolls all night long, then go for this look. Just don’t get all ninth grade on one another. For Kristin’s look, stick to a beachy sweater with shorts as long as your hand and pair it with straw wedges. Lauren’s look is all about the pulled-back braid and thick winged eyeliner.

Lauren Conrad + Whitney Port


The former Teen Vogue interns — remember, that’s how these two originally met?! — have both built their own respective empires since their time on the MTV show. Reminisce about the days of intern and dating life, traveling to New York City and Paris and working under Lisa Love AND Kelly Cutrone with these easy-to-achieve California Girl outfits.

Lo Bosworth + Lauren Conrad


OG besties from Laguna Beach, these California girls are the definition of SoCal. Stick to flair jeans and baby doll tops to achieve the perfect California girl look. Whether they were laughing, crying or dancing the night away, it was never dull watching the way these two lifelong friends interact. And, always remember, “You weren’t being over sensitive, he was being over asshole.”

Heidi + Spencer Pratt aka Speidi


Why NOT dress up as the most unforgettable — and evil? — couple from the series, who are still together to this day, on All Hallows Eve?! Whether you just want to get a rise out of your fellow Halloween-goers or simply love pretending (at least we hope) to be a famewhore, then this is the couples costume for you and your boo. To create Heidi’s look, grab that bodycon sequin dress out of your closet and pair it with wedges and thick eyeliner. We went with the more hippie Spencer and dressed him in a tie-dye tee, cowboy hat and puka shell jewelry.

Lauren Conrad + Brody Jenner

All you need to know is Brody is a known cuddler and promised that he’d always be there for Lauren. So if you want your Halloween night to be all about never-ending romance, but only want to dress in casual wear as your outfit, go for this The Hills It-couple. Yeah, we know it didn’t last, but you can pretend for the night. That’s what Halloween is all about anyway, right?!


Never forget Lauren’s relationship advice to Audrina about Justin Bobby, “Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don’t want to call that your boyfriend.” But… if you’re the type of girl who happens to be into that aesthetic, then make your man become that hipster, biker boy heartthrob for Halloween. To achieve these looks, stick to ripped-up jeans, tight white camis, leather and hoodies.

Brody Jenner + Kristin Cavallari


Yep, there’s Brody again. With a DIFFERENT Southern California girl this time. Once Lauren Conrad left the series, in walked Kristin. And who better for the player Brody to “hook up” with next than the resident bad girl. FYI, these two have both stated the relationship was totally staged and not real at all. SO have some fun with this couples costume — AKA grab your best male friend or a random guy on Tinder who isn’t actually your BF and have an epic Halloween evening as this messy couple.


“I’m sorry that I walked up here and was saying ‘Hi’ to my friends and you guys came at me like piranhas.” Yes, Kristin DID indeed say this to Audrina. Outside of Lauren Conrad, this was Kristin’s other frenemy. So if you and your BFF are a blonde and brunette duo who kinda want to get some aggression out and bicker all night long on Halloween, then this is the look for you two.

Love triangle: Audrina Patridge, Justin Bobby + KRISTIN CAVALLARI


It’s Kristen Cavallari vs. Audrina Patridge in the war to win Justin Bobby’s heart — a man so great he needed two names. Do you remember who won his love and affection ultimately? Do you think either of these relationships was actually real? Does it really matter since it all made for good TV and would make for an even better three-person Halloween costume slash frenemy fight?! I think that question answers itself.

BFF triangle: Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad + AUDRINA PATRIDGe

“Honestly, like at this point, I’d so much rather have like a few good friends than a lot of fake friends.” If you agree with this statement from Lauren Conrad, then you better grab two of your gals and dress up as this bestie triangle — like a love triangle, but drama between three friends.

Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge + Kristin Cavallari

The only thing to say about this ladies group costume is summed up succinctly by Kristin: “Dramaaa, drama, drama, dramaaaa.”

Did these The Hills Halloween costumes bring back all the reality TV feels? Well, then recreate ALL the drama on Halloween by going as your SoCal resident of choice. And always remember, the rest is still unwritten ;)

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Author: Sean Griffis
DIY Production + Styling, Hair + Makeup: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Kurt Andre
Modeling: Brittany Griffin, Jeff Kneis, Lee Schellenberger, Madeline Bachelder, Rosee Canfield, Scott Gamble, Sydney Smith, Ursula Meeks-Wagner, Zane Riley