The mismatched bridesmaid trend isn’t going anywhere. And in honor of wedding season (which is… well, all year long, right?), we’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks from all of our top DIY wedding ideas, from romantic to rustic to boho beautiful. If you plan on going all out or just adding a touch of contrast, there are so many ways you can mix up your maids and stay golden yourself.

1. Play with lengths. Not all dresses have to be long, short or in between. Some ladies like to show off their legs while others adore long gowns. See what works for them! And read on for how to build the perfect flower crown. (Photo via Marianne Taylor Photography)

2. Don’t set limits on silhouettes. We love the variety of shapes used in this in this bridesmaid party. Alone, it may sound mismatched, but together these ladies look great. Plus, dressing in silhouettes they are most comfortable in creates a happy glow on each maid. (Photo via Hello Studios)

3. Find a versatile dress available in a variety of colors. Can you believe these are actually the same dress in different colors? This Dessy dress can be wrapped a ton of different ways, offering more or less support and coverage for each one of your girls. (Photo via Erich McVey)

4. Create a rustic ambiance by mixing lace. If you’re looking for a romantic-boho flair, have your girls choose the fabric they love. Just keep in mind that while the colors can be similar, they don’t have to be perfectly on point. (Photo via Tulle and Chantilly)

5. Tie dresses together with a seasonal color scheme. This autumnal palette of mustard, navy, wine and emerald is perfect for a fall wedding, plus the colors go oh-so well together. Pick a season and go with the top colors to ensure coordination. (Photo via Dan O’Day)

6. Match bouquets to the dresses. This Austin wedding party is absolutely perfect. With some ladies wearing solids and some sporting floral prints, the bold bouquets really tie the theme together for a match made in wedding party heaven. (Photo via Eclectic Images)

7. Have bridesmaids choose variation of a color. Say “rose” and see what comes to mind — odds are the end results will be beautiful. We love how this variation of pinks causes an ombre effect in photos. (Photo via T&S Hughes Photography)

8. Get inspired by nature. This couple actually married on the cliffs of Ireland in an intimate ceremony and wanted to bring the colors and feel back to the states for their reception with family and friends. A palette inspired by a theme like nature or travel is symbolic and adds a personal touch. (Photo via Harper Noel Photography)

9. Punch up the patterns. These gals are staying in the color scheme, but having a blast mixing prints, colors and textures. You can tell each girl loves her dress (and will definitely be wearing it again!). (Photo via Kyle Hale)

10. Even small details can add an eclectic touch. You don’t have to go all out to achieve the eclectic effect. Believe it or not, a minimal effort can go far. We love the contrasting back detail among these gowns. (Photo via Moira West)

Are you into eclectic bridal-party looks? What ways do you plan on adding flair on your big day? Let us know in the comments.