If you’re anything like us, you probably don’t have six grand to drop on a coat, no matter how amazing it is. But if high fashion house Valentino is giving us an early heads up for what will be on-trend for Spring 2015, we are so down. They caught our attention with bold colors and even bolder prints, and then they blew our minds with their swoon-worthy hemlines and elegant cuts. We are dying for these gorgeous pieces. Now, if they’d only sell them to us at like, a 95% discount…

1. Crepe Couture Dress ($7790): Are you telling us that big, bad, bold polka dots are going to be in style? Yes, please. Sign us up right away.

2. Crepe Couture Dress ($5200): We love, love, love the development of this season’s school girl style, and we especially love this totally chic, grown up take on the trend. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we see more ready-to-wear versions on the market soon.

3. Candy Poncho with Scalloped Bottom ($1690): This cotton candy pink poncho is way too chic to be called a poncho. We swoon over that scalloped hem.

4. Leather Fringe Skirt ($5890): Tea-length, leather and fringe: This skirt has many amazing qualities. It’s all the inspiration you’ll ever need to throw a high-fashion tea party.

5. Crepe Couture Dress ($5200): We can’t decide on the best part of this dress: The color, the cut or the collar. In our fantasy world, where we have a wardrobe budget of $10,000 for every outfit, this dress is a must-have.

6. Double Cloth Instarsia Coat ($6490): Just stop it, coat. You’re too much. You’re like the Ryan Gosling of coats. Totally gorgeous, and we’re pretty sure we’d get along super well. Seriously though, stop it. You’re breaking our hearts.

7. Camukimo Brocade Dress ($5990): The heavy collar detail and super gorgeous floral print are borderline bizarre, and yet totally enchanting. It’s like what you’d wear to a high stakes art auction to sell your stolen art.

8. Fur Maribou Vest ($6990): OK, we may be crossing the line from wearable art to just art here. This vest is amazing, but also kinda looks like someone skinned Oscar the Grouch. Toned down and sold at an accessible price point, though? We could be down.

9. Heavy Lace Dress ($5200): How does something so delicate and pretty look so badass? Fashion magic. It’s the only explanation.

10. Eagle Instarsia Wool Sweatshirt ($5990): OK, it’s never acceptable for a sweatshirt to cost more than $100. But if this sweatshirt will inspire some bold, animal-themed duds for the spring, we can get behind it.

11. Crepe Couture Multi-Colour Dress ($2990): With the chic bib-front and color blocking, we hope a million knock offs spring up for our work style needs. If they’re even a fraction as gorgeous, they’ll totally do the trick.

12. Leopard Print Scarlet Dress ($4290): We’re so glad to report that animal print is still going strong. Long live animal print. May you grow more colorful and fantastic every year.

If you could choose one of these pieces to own for FREE, which one would it be? Tell us in the comments below.