We’re constantly trolling Kickstarter for the latest and greatest from up and coming inventors, innovators, artists, and designers. In fact, if you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we highlight at least one cool Kickstarter find on almost a weekly basis. Every so often, we’ll come across a successful one and think to ourselves, “Oh we totally knew them when.” But who knew that all of these successful little buggers could easily be found in one place?

Outgrow.me is the first marketplace for successfully funded Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) projects. It’s an incredibly easy way to browse recently successful projects and search for ones you remember reading about. Some product pages simply take you the product’s website and tell you how to buy it. And some you can buy directly on the Outgrow site. It’s all super simple to use, and is yet another great place to scout for brand new gadgets and gizmos.

You can filter by availability, category, and price, or can just browse the endless scroll on the homepage. Now the question is, which Kickstarter projects have we written about that you can buy on Outgrow? There happen to be 20 of them, and here they are.

Home Automation

1. SmartThings ($299): We wrote about this old thing back in August as part of the ultimate guide to automating your home. This lets you control things throughout your house through power outlets, motion sensors, and presence sensors. And, of course, you can control everything from your phone. These will start shipping in the Spring of 2013.

2. Lockitron ($179): Control your locks from your iPhone? Yes please. This is great for frequent hosts as well as those who tend to forget to lock the door… or who forget their keys on a regular basis. These will start shipping in May 2013.

3. Twine ($99): This wireless square has sensors and a simple web app to set rules for things in your home. It then tells you what they are doing via email, text or Twitter. This was one of our first home automation finds back in November of 2011.

Rocking Out

4. Amplifiear ($25): Remember this little iPad ear? It makes your iPad’s sound way better, and wirelessly.

5. California Headphones ($100 and up): As part of our headphones roundup, these cans are near and dear to our heart as they are inspired by the state we live in.

6. Turtle Shell ($150): This shell is sure to give Jambox a run for the money, especially because it can clip on to just about anything.

In The Kitchen

7. The Porthole ($99): As gorgeous as it is useful, we are still swooning over this new way to infuse teas, oils, spirits and more.

8. Honey Badger BBQ Sauce ($9): When we stumbled upon this during a BritList treasure hunt a few months ago, we couldn’t believe it was even a concept. Well, now it’s real and it actually looks pretty delicious.

9. Mason Shaker ($29): The cuppow turned your mason jar into a coffee cup, and this shaker turns it into a… shaker! It’s the best way to countrify your next cocktail hour.

10. Holdster ($22 and up): Got a hot beverage in that jar of yours? We nearly missed this little mason jar holster… er, holdster :)

For Your Health

11. Grip Rings ($32): During national bike month, we searched the web for innovative bike accessories, tools, and bling. Grip rings happen to be all three. Customize your handlebars to your style, and say goodbye to sticky grip tape.

12. LumoBack ($129): This app + gadget corrects your posture via your phone!


13. Pebble ($150): The Pebble definitely hit the big time, perhaps more than any other Kickstarter we’ve seen. It’s a watch that connects to your smartphone, enabling you to read texts, control music, and more without having to take out your phone.

14. Readycase ($45-55): Looking to get more out of your iPhone case? This has a whole smattering of tools with a dozen different uses, including a USB stick that doubles as a tripod-esque stand, a screwdriver that doubles as a bottle opener, and more.

Organize Your Home

15. Clip Tree ($216): Like yesterday’s feature on Urbio, the Clip Tree is all about organizing your workspace and home more creatively.

Style Innovation

16. Jetsam Wallets ($42): Eco-friendly, repurposed, and chic? Love these dapper wallets made from discarded fabric and neckties.

17. Halo Belt ($85): A pick from our wearable tech roundup, this belt makes sure folks around can see you as well as your headlights and taillights.

18. JoeyBra ($20): That’s right! The JoeyBra got funded! It’s a bra with a pocket designed for your smartphone, wallet, etc.

And for Giggles

19. Ostrich Pillow ($80): We will never get over the Ostrich Pillow, and apparently the consumer world agrees.

20. Chalktrail ($20): Want to leave a trail of color everywhere you go? Throw on some wheels (rollerblades, skateboard, or bicycle), attach this device to your wheels, and color it up.

What’s the best thing you’ve found and/or purchased on Kickstarter? Tell us in the comments below!