Everyone loves Halloween costumes, but they can also be kind of stressful. Once you’ve pinned down what the kids want to be, managed to find the perfect outfit for your pooch, and planned the *most* amazing Halloween party, then you’re really not left with much time to figure out your own seasonal disguise. So, when that last-minute panic hits, skip the slutty nurse getup and avoid having no costume at all with these 35 easy Halloween costume ideas. Most of them can be made with items you already have in your closet, so you won’t have to shell out $50 on an ill-fitting costume you’ll never wear again. #noregrets

1. Baywatch: Or is it bae watch? Either way, it’s time to grab your red one-piece and a whistle. (via Brit + Co)


2. Bro Emoji: This might just be the simplest of emoji costumes. You can be best-texting buddies IRL this Halloween with a super easy look using clothes you probably already have. (via Brit + Co)


3. The Emoji Ghost: Ahh, the pirate ghost emoji — one of our all-time faves. Attach the tongue and mismatched eyes to a white sheet and you’re ready to ghost. (via Brit + Co)


4. When Life Gives You Lemons: Be a walking proverb this Halloween with this pun-ny costume starring your old white tee and some lemons. (via The Not Vanilla)


5. Princess Emoji Time: Who wouldn’t mind wearing a crown all night? The hardest part of this costume will be keeping a straight face. (via Brit + Co)

6. Abbi + Ilana from Broad City: Looking for a totes niche costume idea that’s also v. easy? Look no further. Unleash your inner BC queen with this easy DIY get up from the episode “Game Over.” (via Brit + Co)

7. Medusa Hair: Medusa hair adds spooky flair to literally any outfit. Go subtle or all out — either way, this snake hairstyle is simple to pull off. (via Martha Stewart)

Last Minute Llama

8. Alpaca Costume ($80): Pick this cozy costume (that doubles as your new fave PJs) for a creatively simple option.


9. Dancing Girls Emoji Costume: It’s never a bad time to rep your bestie status, right? Of course, you and your fellow blonde BFF could just be those foxy dancing girls in your ABO’s and headbands. (via Brit + Co)


10. Robber: Grab a few of your fall wardrobe staples, throw on a masquerade mask, and voila! Instant badass robber status is achieved. We’ve got lots more striped shirt costume ideas for you. (via Brit + Co)


11. Lisa Frank Throwback: Oh hey there, ’90s, we are so excited to see you here. Live your childhood fantasy of being a Lisa Frank character by gluing patches of colored felt to a white jumpsuit or little white dress. (via Studio DIY)


12. Kimmy Schmidt, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Take a break from your Netflix binge and get in touch with your Kimmy Schmidt side. Hashbrown no filter. (via Brit + Co)


13. Pippi Longstocking: We love costumes that are all about the hair. Seriously, how amazing are those pigtails? Once you’ve got the overalls and a striped shirt, you’re set to party. (via Brit + Co)


14. Cheeky Burger: Grab that old nude sweater and skirt set and get ready to make it look delicious. This costume is essentially a felt belt made with some glue (no sewing required!). Plus you get to have fries as an accessory. (via Studio DIY)


15. Cookie Monster: For the girl who wants cookies as her S.O., this is the BEST costume ever. And you get to wear a snuggie all evening. (via Brit + Co)


16. Wise Old Owl Glasses: All you need are a pair of glasses or empty frames and some feathers for this super quick and easy costume. (via Emmy in the Making)


17. Holly Golightly: If you’ve got a little black dress, some sunglasses, and pearls, you’ve got this costume nailed. Having coffee as a necessary part of the costume definitely makes it a winner in our book. (via Brit + Co)


18. Catwoman: An all-black ensemble, a whip, and a fun head piece are all you need to make this fierce getup a reality. (via Brit + Co)


19. Mary Poppins: Tie a red ribbon around your neck and glue some flowers into a bowler hat for a classic throwback costume. Make it a couples costume by pairing with that much-loved spoonful of sugar. (via Say Yes)


20. Witchy Woman: Good witch or bad witch, the decision is up to you. Either way, check out this tutorial to get the most perfect “witch” hair you can get without resorting to spells and magic. (via Brit + Co)

sugarandcloth-halloween-pantonecouplescostume-5 2

21. Pantone Power: It really doesn’t get easier (or more hipster) than these Pantone costumes. Grab a monochromatic dress or suit and apply a white sticky piece of vinyl with a Pantone number. (via Sugar and Cloth)


22. The Perfect Black Cat: The classic black cat can feel like a cop-out, but with face makeup this on point, no one will question your costume choice. That kitty face is #fierce. (via Brit + Co)

peter-piper-picked-a-peck-of-pickled-peppers 2

23. Peter Piper: Remember those old tongue twisters from childhood? We’re betting it’ll take less time to make this costume than it will to say the name of it 10 times fast. (via The House That Lars Built)


24. Pop Art Makeup: If a comfy tee shirt is what you’re feeling, this pop art makeup tutorial is just what you need. Feel free to play around with colors too. (via Brit + Co)


25. Pirate Queen: Arrrrr! Grab a bandana, an eye patch, and a bottle of rum for this swashbuckling (and crazy easy) costume. (via Brit + Co)


26. Bond and the Bond Girl: For the couple that wants to glam it up, you can’t go wrong by putting the guy in a suit. And who doesn’t want to wear big hair and a colorful vintage dress? (via Say Yes)


27. Ariana Grande: Channel that Scream Queens vibe with an epic high pony. While all-black looks amazing, we think a little pink + fluffy number would be super on trend. (via Brit + Co)


28. Galaxy Girl: All you’ll need here is some black leggings and a splattering of white out to make this star-studded outfit. And no judgment if you wear the leggings the rest of the winter — that pattern is totally rad. (via Brit + Co)


29. Easy DIY Sushi Costume: Not only is this little costume easy to make and wear, but it basically makes you your favorite meal. And if you want to make it a group affair, make sure you check out how to make this amazing soy sauce costume. (via LaurDIY)

LED-16-Serious copy

30. LED Headbands: Make these LED headbands for a costume that lets you get into the Halloween spirit while still staying work appropriate. Cat ears, a crown, or a spirited message will do the trick and make you the “light” of the party. (via Brit + Co)


31. Country Singers: We’ve all got some plaid shirts sitting in our closet (guess what plaid says about your personality), so why not go for a hipster country band or the classic cowboy/cowgirl combo? (via A Beautiful Mess)


32. Minion: Have banana, will DIY. This easy peasy costume is cute, affordable, and won’t take you more that 30 minutes! (via Brit + Co)


33. Holly Golightly: Instead of the formal LBD-and-pearls Audrey, go for something a little more casual. The only thing you need to DIY here is a blue eye mask and then let the white button-up shirt do the rest of the work. (via In Honor of Design)


34. Spider Web Makeup: Let your eyes do the talking with this seriously rad makeup-only costume. All you need is some black eyeliner, lashes, and a few jewels to finish off the look. (via Pop Sugar)


35. Strawberry: Ditch the little black dress and opt for a little red dress instead, so you can rock this strawberry costume. The rest of the fruit salad is pretty adorable too, so make sure you check it out if you need an easy group costume. (via Brit + Co)

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