There are few things better than feeling comfortable in your own skin. In between loading up our bookshelves with body-positive health books and decking our couches with inclusive throw pillows, we’re scouting celebs who celebrate body positivity. Scroll on for ten celebrities who dish daily inspiration, and you’ll be on your way to an even healthier and happier self in no time!

Khloe Kardashian

1. Khloe Kardashian: Khloe is quick to credit healthy eating and late-night sweat sessions for her toned tush and amazing abs. As if that wasn’t enough, she reminds us about the importance of being strong in her New York Times bestseller, Strong Looks Better Naked. (via @khloekardashian)

Demi Lovato

2. Demi Lovato: A champion for anyone who might feel self-conscious about their shape or skin, Demi posts gorgeous makeup-free selfies and #nophotoshop behind-the-scenes snaps on the regular. We totally admire her healthy habits and self-love. (via @ddlovato)


3. Oprah Winfrey: Weight Watchers couldn’t have picked a better role model for the new year. Oprah reigns with wisdom and real talk about years of changing shape. Her goal to be healthy is what we love though — along with the fact that she FINALLY refuses to give up bread. Cutting carbs completely is no way to live. (Photo via @oprah)

Chrissy Teigan

4. Chrissy Teigan: We love her ultra-real snaps and instas, which are proof that she indulges cravings and has stretch marks, despite her perfect pregnancy pics. Finally, here’s a supermodel who proves that you don’t need to be superhuman to live a balanced life AND have a total blast. (via @chrissyteigan)

Karlie Kloss

5. Karlie Kloss: Karlie kills it on the catwalk and in the gym. Thanks to her, we now completely understand what maintaining an angel’s bod actually takes. We’re also obsessed with the fact that she loves baking (and eating!) cookies as much as the time she spends working on her fit form. (via @karliekloss)

Lena Dunham

6. Lena Dunham: Never one to fall victim to superficial hype, Lena has been a powerful advocate for body positivity since she first burst onto the scene a few years ago. We caught her brave, uncensored form on Girls and watched her turn #nothighgap into a thing — all before she started rocking power suits. That, our friends, is unstoppable. (via @lenadunham)

Kristen Bell

7. Kristen Bell: She’s hilarious, she’s adorable and she’s a total badass about her body. Never one to fret about dropping baby weight or having naturally perfect skin, Kristen keeps us inspired with her awesome, active adventures and carefully chosen campaigns. (Photo via @iamkristenbell)


8. Amy Schumer: It’s part of her schtick to make fun of her appearance, but don’t be fooled: This funny and fearless woman has mastered the art of being a body positive role model for women everywhere. “I am not who I sleep with. I am not my weight. I am not my mother. I am myself.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Amy. (via @amyschumer)


9. Caitlyn Jenner: The former Olympian and media maven has made good use of her fame by being totally candid. Whether dishing deets about how impossible it can be to find the right makeup or putting together an OOTD that makes a girl feel good, Cait reminds us to crush life proudly as the person you truly are. (via @caitlynjenner)

Melissa Mccarthy

10. Melissa McCarthy: She made us laugh ‘til we cried in Bridesmaids and The Heat, but Melissa is also a super-savvy business woman with a heart for helping women love life as much as she does. Her clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, is dedicated to making women who wear a variety of sizes feel good as she works to change the perception of “plus size.” (via @melissamccarthy)

Which celebs do you admire for their health, confidence and body-positive vibes? Talk to us @britandco!