Valentine’s Day: It’s the holiday we’ve always loved to hate — especially if we’re single. Well, we say no more. While your tied-down besties are busy stressing about what to buy their boo, whether they’ll be able to score reservations at that new restaurant, and which outfit is right for the occasion, your schedule is free to celebrate however you wish. We’d even argue that Valentine’s Day is just as fun — if not more fun — for single folks. So for those of us who haven’t completely abandoned the holiday already, here are some ways to partake in the festivities — regardless of your relationship status.

Heart-shaped cookies

1. Treat your favorite couple(s). Babysit your nieces and nephews and give your sibling and their bae a night of much-needed alone time. Cook up a romantic dinner for your parents. Take Grandma and Grandpa out to ice cream. After all, these are the couples who showed you what love looks like: They’ve earned an homage.

2. Go on a V-Day getaway. The holiday falls on a Thursday this year, so take an extra long weekend (Presidents’ Day is that following Monday), and get the heck outta town. Whether you’re expecting a spontaneous tryst with a stranger or just looking to spend some time exploring an exciting new place on your own, you’ll return feeling like you really made the most of your holiday.

3. Make valentines. Grade-school students aren’t the only ones deserving of a good old-fashioned valentine. Get out the stickers and scissors and show those you love just how much you care about them. Your friends, family and, hey, maybe even that coworker you have a crush on, will undoubtedly be touched by the gesture. Arts and crafts, here we come!

4. Practice self-love. This manifests itself in myriad ways, so go ahead and pamper yourself how you please. Catch up on sleep, get a mani-pedi, take a bubble bath, watch TV. We expend so much energy doting on others, so if we let it, Valentine’s Day can serve as a reminder of who it’s most important we love: ourselves. And just think about how much easier it is to choose a Netflix show to watch when you’re by yourself.

5. Watch Sex and the City. Or any other show that makes you feel empowered to be a strong, independent woman. Bonus points if it makes you appreciate your besties too. Samantha Jones certainly wouldn’t be upset about being single on Valentine’s Day, so neither should you. Some of our other #girlpower recs? Gilmore Girls, TheGolden Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jane the Virgin.

6. Host a singles-only party. Although we love a good Galentine’s Day celebration, we don’t necessarily think it needs its own day — why can’t platonic love be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, too? Invite all your single friends over (boys allowed too!) to cheers the warm, fuzzy, friendly feelings you give each other. You pick: low-key wine night or full-blown bash.

7. Eat… a lot. When it comes to candy, Valentine’s Day is practically winter’s Halloween. What better excuse to consume all the confections we can get our hands on? If you’re feeling particularly bold (or sweets just aren’t for you), book a table at your favorite restaurant. Nothing says self-assured like, “Table for one, please.”

8. Indulge in the deals. Valentine’s Day is often bashed as a corporate scheme, so you might as well take advantage of the steals. Hundreds of retailers offer sales and coupons for the occasion. Or, bring it to the next level and partake in the couples-specific discounts with a friend. We’d take a marked-down couples massage any day of the week.

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