There are a few rules when it comes to styling the perfect coffee table: Always have something tall, something bright, something ornamental, some books, a candle and flowers or succulents on a tray. Combine all these ingredients and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a coffee table worthy of a double tap. From following these “rules” to completely doing their own thing, these 15 coffee tables from Instagram are lovely examples of styling done right.

1. Tray Style: Putting a tray on the coffee table is a clever way to show off a little vignette of your favorite things like plants, mercury glass vases or a couple candles. (via @blackbanddesign)

2. Coffee Table Books: We all love a big, beautiful coffee table, but what about displaying some books you actually read on your table? Who knows, maybe having them front and center will inspire you to reach for a book more often than the TV remote? Surround this vignette with tiny succulent pots, a candle and some colorful trinket boxes. (via @westelmlondon)

3. Gold Accents: Doesn’t this look like a dreamy place to relax? We love the idea of having a little catch-all bowl on your coffee table so you can unwind and take off your jewelry at the end of a long day. Plus, the bling adds a little extra glam to your tabletop. (via @shopstyle)

4. Maximum Charm: If minimalism isn’t your thing, that’s just fine. A well-styled coffee table just means having all the things you love out on display in a sort of rotating horizontal gallery. (via @rayannlacasse)

5. All White: Channel your inner Scandinavian and keep the coffee table theme calm and restful with only white pieces. Except maybe a bowl of colorful M&Ms or your fave candy. (via @emmahill)

6. Superhero Glam: Since the couch and walls were such a bold blue, the choice to keep the coffee table white was a smart one. The yellow accents mirror the playful theme in this room. And those comic book pillows? Just yes. (via @iconsliving)

7. Statement Florals: Having a bouquet this tall may not be ideal for starting a conversation, but flowers of all heights can really bring the whole living room to life. (via @idaillustrates)

8. Two Is Better Than One: If you’re short on space or just don’t want to buy an expensive coffee table, why not go for two smaller side tables? Get two different heights for visual interest. And while you may not have place to put your feet up, you’ll still have the perfect little vignette for a couple plants and candles. (via @lonnymag)

9. Color Pop: Part of the fun of decorating is ignoring all the rules and just going for what you love. Usually, no matter how eclectic your tastes are, once you bring it all together, you have a style that is distinctly you and works together just right. (via @tbrottura)

10. Clearly Organized: A clear tray is a fun way to keep things together but also keeps items like a pretty catch-all bowl and candles visible when you’re sitting down. (via @poshorganizers)

11. Fun With Trays: Hate the color or style of the coffee table you have? Forget the paint and just cover it with a blanket. Not only will it make the space feel cozy, but you can bring in more of the room’s colors and patterns to reinforce the theme. (via @thedecorfix)

12. Curated Collections: If you live in a small space, the coffee table can offer the perfect spot to show off some of your collection, whether it’s eggs or a basket of thimbles. Not only will this be personally meaningful, but collections also make a great conversation piece when you have visitors. (via @mspmag)

13. Got the Blues: From pattered throw pillows and vases to a striped tray, the blue feeling is strong here. The hot pink accents keep the mood bright and playful and not nautical at all. (via @notes_from_monroe)

14. Because Pineapple: Odd numbers rule in interior decorating, so style your coffee tables with pretty objects in odd numbers for a balanced and lived-in feeling. And extra points if you paint your coffee table bright yellow. (via @cushandnooks)

15. Boho Vibes: Boasting three little trays, this coffee table has the whole “odd number” rule down. From unusual pieces you got on your travels to coasters and matches, these tiny trays keep everything organized and beautifully displayed. (via @istyleustyle)

Did these coffee tables inspire you to go buy some fresh flowers? Any other styling pieces you think are a must for a stylish coffee table? Talk to us in the comments below!