Just like that, another weekend down and the second work week of August begins. If you didn’t spend your Fri-Sun watching rockstar Meryl in Ricki + the Flash or those Fantastic Four superheroes, you were more than likely enjoying the summer sun all weekend (maybe at Outside Lands?). Regardless of how you spent your off-the-clock hours, there’s a variety of ways to stay actively entertained (and constantly full) before, after and during this week’s commute c/o S’mores Day and Creamsicle Day. Now kick off your route to the office accompanied by Karlie Kloss, Nicolette Mason’s pug, some decades-spanning wedding hair inspo, a podcast that’ll make you better and a doodle app. This week’s sure to be anything but a snoozer.

1. Karlie Kloss’ YouTube Channel Klossy: After launching her YT channel at the end of July with an adorable teaser vid, the model (+ card-carrying member of T.Swift’s squad) has been consistently updating “Klossy” with all kinds of visuals. Up your commute fabness by watching BTS action from Karlie’s Glamour cover shoot, a secret music video + the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Then stick around to learn the 23 things she’s discovered throughout her 23 years and her responses to fan Qs. Trust us, you’re gonna wish she had a new video for every day of the week.

2. Nicolette Mason’s Pug Francoise: We already loved Nicolette Mason for numerous reasons — too many to count, TBH — but then we went and discovered she has a too-cute-for-words petite pug and fell in love with her even more. Fill your mornings and evenings with the pint-sized dog who goes by her given name Francoise or her nickname Frankie as she rocks the best in dog fashion, travels the world with her fab mom and just brings tears to your eyes from her adorableness. Seriously, follow her immediately or she’ll judge you nonstop.

3. BuzzFeed Video’s “Wedding Hairstyles: 1960s-Now”: If you’ve been into all of those “100 Years of Beauty” videos and are a soon-to-be bride — or just love bridal hairstyles — you’re gonna want to tune into this vid en route. Check out the evolution of “I do” ‘dos throughout multiple decades to either draw inspo from or reassure yourself that you’d never do that for your wedding day. If there are any styles you’re feeling or totally staying away from, make sure you share those faves or never-gonna-do looks with your worker girls at the watercooler.

4. An Even Better You! (Available on iTunes + SoundCloud): This mental_floss podcast hosted by Jeff Rubin turns everyday, mundane topics into fun, lively discussions. Tune into this audio show for fascinating deep dives into culture, food and the arts to transform the way you think about Shakespeare, the opera, silent films, fireworks, board games, pizza and more. You’ll probably never look at life the same way again. Okay, that *might* be a little dramatic, but you get the point ;)

5. Sketch (Free on iOS): If you’re into chatting with friends in more ways than just text and emoji, then you must DL this app STAT. Instead of sending simple phrases or overused emoji, send a sketch of anything that’s on your mind (and within your drawing capabilities) to a friend in real time. Since you can watch the creations happen as they’re being drawn, fingers crossed your BFF visually communicates with you right back or else you’ll be heading into the office a little underwhelmed. <3

Got any bonus picks for this week’s commute? Let us know in the comments or tweet ’em at us @britandco.