Sometimes focal points are pretty straightforward — a fabulous fireplace, vaulted ceilings, etc. But if you don’t have a natural architectural focal point to draw the eye, you can always DIY one. It could be a patterned rug, a great piece or art or even a colorful sofa — whatever grabs your attention or instantly sets the mood of the room. Obviously these focal points add a lot of personality to the room, so you only want one or two to keep the space from feeling confused. Here are 14 ideas that could easily be DIY projects to create a stunning focal point or even update the one you already have.

1. Pattern: Pick the first wall you notice when you walk into the room and throw up some patterned wallpaper, a creative paint job or even a washi tape pattern if you’re renting. (via Inside Out)

2. Texture: From an ornate mirror to a furry pom pom wall hanging or a woven macrame piece, texture is a great way to bring interest to the room without investing in expensive furniture or dealing with the permanence of paint. (via Brit + Co)

3. Big Art: Art can make a great focal point as long as it’s bold enough to really stand out against the rest of the decor. (via Ozone Design)

4. Go for the Unexpected: For maybe the most inexpensive focal point ever, decorate an unused fireplace by painting the ends of the logs. (via Sadecor)

5. Look Up: You don’t have to stick to floors and walls to create your focal point. The ceiling is a huge expanse of real estate just waiting for something to spice it up. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Take the Floor: The focal point can totally be at ground level, especially with a rug this fabulous. Plus with a rug (unlike a fireplace), you can take your focal point with you if you move. (via Inside Out)

7. Colorful Furniture: If you’re renting and can’t paint and definitely don’t have a fancy fireplace to decorate, just make your furniture the focal point. The brighter and more colorful, the better. (via Inside Out)

8. Shut the Door: Why not have a focal point before you even get to the room? The fun thing about a painted door is that it looks pretty when it’s open into the room, but also does a great job of sprucing up the hallway when you have the door closed. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Show off the Books: Make that bookcase (or even the insides of a built-in) the main character of your living room. If you already own one, why not try painting it with a bright, happy color? (via Better Homes and Gardens)

10. Go Green: Plants can also be a conversation piece, especially if they live in a cool pot that you made. We recommend displaying a small collection of plants in a corner at different heights for a unique green space. (via Paper and Stitch)

11. Get Artsy: Make a gallery wall out of a collection of all the art you already own and have created. A beautiful arrangement of framed paintings or family photos can transform your plain wall into a very interesting focal point. (via Loom)

12. Cool Coffee Table: Think a coffee table can’t be a focal point? Not only is it cheaper than a big piece of furniture, but a coffee table can definitely be the thing that anchors an entire living room together. (via My Domaine)

13. Add Natural Elements: An accent wall of reclaimed wood can be both rustic or modern and offers that Scandinavian cool we’re all lusting after. If you don’t want a whole wall of wood, you could play with weathered wood frames or even just mount a cool piece of driftwood you found on the beach. (via Julia Robbs)

14. Hang Things: From plants to colorful statement lights or even grown-up mobiles, hanging objects from the ceiling is a great way to draw the eye up and helps make a smaller space feel more grand. (via SA Decor)

How have you added a focal point to your rooms? Share your tricks and projects in the comments below!