From her gorgeous wedding to her killer closet, we continually look to supermodel Kate Moss for a source of style inspiration. Now, in a collaboration with the design company Yoo, Kate is trying her hand at interior decor. The British beauty recently furnished a country estate in the English countryside (ironically called “The Barnhouse”) with a style that can best be described as eclectic glam. There is a little bit of everything here, from ’20s sophistication to a color palette straight out of the ’70s. There’s even a framed photo of Kate in a bronze bodysuit in the en suite bathroom.

The Barnhouse is supposed to look like a European chalet and features a pitched roof, a stunning pool and local materials like stone and brick. Moss’s plan was to create a luxurious escape where you could relax with family and friends so she chose earthy base tones and contrasting jewel tones in the furniture. Like any good designer, she nabbed statement pieces like a teal velvet sofa and painted the kitchen cabinets a trendy indigo blue complete with bronze hardware.

The house focuses around the communal living space, but the bedrooms are just as glam with cozy gray tones. Think: lots of furry accents, an incredible mirrored four-poster bed and a striped ceiling.

Overall, the style is definitely “Kate” and feels like a blend of Hollywood glamour with a dash of that sexy British decorum. Even though the listing called the house a “family home,” it’s obvious that this is a perfect party pad for anyone with a cool $3.8 million to spend.

Kate isn’t the only star venturing into interior designing. She joins the company of Ellen Degeneres and her line of home decor and Reese Witherspoon with her homey website.

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h/tThe Lakes By Yoo

Featured photo via Chris Jackson/Getty Images