Looking to satisfy the carnivore on your nice list? We’ve got some sizzling gift ideas that will get anyone who drools over crispy bacon, melt-in-your-mouth steaks or smokey barbecue weak in the knees. From the expert butcher to the bacon fiend, these protein-packed goods seriously deliver. This holiday season, we’re making sure that your meat maestro has all the essentials and then some.

1. The Meat Hook Meat Book ($37): There are some things all carnivores should know, like the art of butchering, or how to make roasted garlic pork butter. You can make them an expert in no time with the help of this book.

2. Gift Box of Pasture-Raised Meats ($85): Give the gift of meat — really, really good meat that’s pasture-raised from local farms. Select from gift boxes with silly names like “Bring Home the Bacon” or “Steak Me Home Tonight.”

3. Handmade Knife ($450): Want a one-of-a-kind present for your meat connoisseur? Gift them a gorgeous handmade knife that’s made with found materials.

4. Meat Carving Board ($40): This beauty is carved from a single block of olive wood and makes for a nice resting place for that juicy roast.

5. Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood ($14): Bourbon-soaked anything is good, amiright? Put the taste of bourbon directly into the fire with these wood blocks made from charred oak barrels.

6. Koko Afire Charcoal ($55): Whether your grill master has been naughty or nice, he’ll be wishing for this coal in his stocking. Turn up the heat to your meat lover’s heart with this charcoal made from sustainable coconut shells.

7. Leather Grill Glove Set ($18): Protect your grill master’s hands from the hot pit with these tough leather mitts.

8. Scarr Workshop Apron ($288): This handcrafted, full-grain leather apron says, “I’m not messing around.” Serious BBQ calls for an apron tougher than cloth.

9. Bear Paw Meat Handlers ($13): Bring out your meat lover’s inner carnivore with these claw meat handlers. Now your meat maestro can rip it, tear it and shred it apart without burning their hands.

10. Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderizer ($12): Sometimes steak needs a bit of tough love. With this brass knuckle tenderizer, your giftee will be just the person to dole it out.

11. Essential Grill Set ($59): Save your pit master a trip to Texas and help them rule the ‘cue with this gift set, which includes everything they need and then some.


12. Branding Iron ($47): A gift that’s after a barbecuer’s own heart. This branding kit comes with a full set of letters, so they can easily stake their steak territory.

13. Lava Rock Ceramic Platter ($90): If you like your dinner with a side of theatrics, simply heat these lava stones and they’ll sear up a perfect steak right in front of you.

14. iGrill Mini ($40): Put away the prongs, tongs and assorted gadgets for monitoring meat — this is the only one serious grillers will ever need. This tech-savvy, wireless and Bluetooth-smart thermometer will let them know exactly when their dinner is ready.

15. Electric Meat Grinder ($170): The king of meat grinders — what meat enthusiast wouldn’t want a power tool of this stature in their kitchen?

16. Butcher Beef Cuts Print ($25): Your favorite carnivore may melt over this nose-to-tail butcher cut art print.

17. 3D Printed Beef Cookie Cutter ($9): Forget about the star, the angel or the Santa cookie cutter — your meat-loving pal wants to know where the beef’s at.

18. Hot DOG Sausage Links Dog Leash ($12) Bon appetit, dog lovers! These links are sure to sizzle when you walk your dog.

19. Meat Feet Socks ($36): Take their meat loving to new levels with these mortadella, sopressata and prosciutto-print socks. Thanks to the complimentary sock insurance, they’ll always have meat-y feet.

20. BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): Get a little saucy with your BBQ-loving pal and gift them some sauces that will have them city-hopping without ever leaving the dinner table.

21. Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale ($13): That’s right, Voodoo Doughnuts and Rogue Ales collide to create a sweet, salty and meaty heaven.

22. Jumbo Bacon Candy Cane ($5): Slip one of these jumbo canes into your bacon lover’s stocking for a treat that’s smokey and delicious.

23. Bacon Six Ways ($59): If bacon makes your bestie’s heart sizzle, spread the love with a serious bacon affair. This package comes complete with sweet, savory, spicy and crunchy indulgences.

24. Meaty Gift Wrap ($20): Typically we wrap burgers in buns, but this meaty gift wrap adds a whole new flavor to wrapping paper.

What gifts will you be stuffing in your meat lover’s stocking this year? Let us know in the comments below!