When you’re decorating eggs for your Easter brunch and filling those baskets with handful upon handful of candy, it’s best to keep in mind that your table will be at the center of it all. This pastel and egg-filled holiday calls for an epic centerpiece that will be worthy of the fun and additional modern DIY Easter decorations you’ve got going on. Check out the 20 ideas below for a bright and fun centerpiece that will fill your home – and your guests – with joy. Seriously, these DIYs are so easy and quick that you’ll have plenty of time to knock out the rest of your Easter checklist and nosh on some Cadbury Eggs.

tray centerpiece

1. Garden Floral Place Cards: A collection of coordinating votive holders are cute, but they don’t make a centerpiece. Add flowers and a tray to hold everything together — now you’ve got something worth staring at over brunch. (via Miracle Gro)


2. Pastel Easter Eggs: This dainty, egg-shaped vase holds fresh, fragrant blooms. Blow out and color your own pastel eggshells, then fill them with flower buds before scattering smaller (adorable) eggs around the base to complete the look. (via 100 Layer Cake-let)


3. The Candlestick Hack: As much as we love the rustic, natural look of wooden candlesticks, your Easter table decor is begging for some pops of color. This DIY takes mere minutes to complete, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on your egg painting and the egg hunt. (via Brit + Co)


4. Aztec Sand Centerpieces: Here’s an alternative to the bunnies and eggs that fill this time of year: sand art and succulents. Get ready to bust out your old sand-art skills as you build these eclectic vases. (via Ruffled)

mixed vase centerpiece

5. Floral Chronicles, Easter Pastel: Empty the glassware cabinet and fill each vessel with something that screams “spring!” Fresh-cut flowers, dyed eggs, candles… The possibilities are endless, and the color potential is gorgeous. (via Floresie)


6. Punny Easter Egg Centerpiece: This DIY centerpiece combines everything we love about Easter: Dyed eggs and holiday puns. It won’t take you long or even cost that much, which is perfect since you’ll want to fill your baskets with lots of goodies this year. (via Brit + Co)


7. Fit for a Feast: Is the whole gang coming over for an Easter brunch? A formal dinner? However you choose to celebrate, this show-stopping centerpiece can be adjusted to stretch the entire length of your table, giving everyone a view of the flowery fruits of your labor. Bonus: If you swap out the flowers as needed, you’ll have a lovely centerpiece that’ll last the whole spring season and beyond. (via Rachel Havel / Style Me Pretty)


8. Fabric Covered Spring Vases: Gather up your ordinary vases, glasses and anything else that can hold a flower or two. Wrap each with a foot or so of bright, patterned fabric to give it a new, Easter-y vibe. Tie it with a bow, drop a tulip in and your centerpiece is good to go. (via I Heart Nap Time)


9. Geometric Gem: The geometric container is a statement piece by itself, but what really makes this terrarium-inspired centerpiece pop is what’s inside. A layer of sand keeps the flowers in place, and the pastel blooms make us so thankful it’s finally spring. (via Chloe Moore Photography / Bloglovin’)


10. Egg Hunt: This full centerpiece incorporates a boho mix of vases and loose flowers strewn across the table’s center. Tuck a few eggs among the flowers to fill it with Easter spirit. (via The Nest)

fruit eggs

11. Fruit and Veggie Easter Eggs: Turning your decorated eggs into colorful fruits and veggies is a super cute way to get kids to like healthy treats. Grab all of the paint, cardstock and permanent markers, and make each egg look like your fave produce. (via Brit + Co)


12. Spring Break-Inspired: Easter often coincides with a break from work or school. Even if you aren’t actually jet-setting for spring break this year, this pineapple vase gives your home the island vibes you’re looking for. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


13. Tie-Dye Cake Pops: Your dinner guests will be pretty pleased when they realize they can eat the centerpiece, and especially when they taste as good as these cake pops. Decor and dessert all in one. (via Brit + Co)


14. Springtime Succulent: No worries if pastels don’t go with the rest of your dining room’s decor. Try these simple candleholders instead — they cradle tiny potted cacti and candles for a unique and modern look that will last well beyond Easter. (via Jessica Simons Photography / Wedding Chicks)


15. Egg Centerpiece That Will Crack You Up: This DIY centerpiece requires you to work with delicate eggshells to create tiny vases and candles. The end result is worth the careful effort though, especially when you’re able to add color by the dozen. (via Brit + Co)


16. Marbleized Planters: Grab a pair of gloves to tackle this DIY project, then mix water and spray paint to give miniature pails a marbleized effect. Top off the look with a handful of festive eggs and a little bit of potted greenery. The Easter bunny himself won’t be able to resist. (via Brit + Co)

color-blocked centerpiece

17. Creative Easter Eggs: Most eggs take a full plunge as they dive into a cup full of dye. This clean, modern project proves a half dip can look just as stunning with a cool, muted color palette. (via Wunderweib)

wooden eggs

18. Unbreakable Easter Eggs: You’ve had plenty of practice working with delicate eggs, so by now you’re pretty much a pro. Still, this project uses wood eggs, which takes the breakability factor entirely out of the equation without sacrificing any of the design. (via Brit + Co)


19. Colorful Cacti: Combining succulents and bright, modern design will make for the trendiest centerpiece around. Personalize with your favorite colors, or go with all pastels for a classic Easter vibe. (via Tell Love and Party / Apartment Therapy)

blown egg bouquet

20. The Bouquet Buddy: Don’t have any blooms in your garden yet? Your local grocery store is probably piecing together Easter-inspired bouquets as we speak. Take a pre-made bunch of flowers to another level by adding your own blown eggs to the mix. (via Brit + Co)

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