All moms are not created equal. Sure, some crave a leisurely mimosa-laden brunch or a mother-daughter mani-pedi outing for Mother’s Day, but we also know moms who are up for an impromptu road trip, baseball game or epic karaoke sesh. No matter what kind of mama you have, it’s time to step up your Mother’s Day game with these 15 activities.

Mother and daughter walking

1. Go on a weekend getaway. If your relationship is on the Rory-Lorelei side of the spectrum, you can probably handle a fun weekend getaway. Try a relaxing spa package, a museum-centric urban destination, or something a little more outdoorsy like whitewater rafting or mountain biking. You can also book a unique place to stay for a short escape. (Photo via Getty)

2. Thrift ’til you drop. Retail therapy is a relaxing activity for many a mom, but why not be a little more adventurous and hit up some local thrift shops? They’re cheaper and full of rare vintage gems that are ripe for the upcycling.


3. Make her fave food into a DIY spread. Is mom crazy for popcorn or does she dig donut holes? Set up a fun, festive DIY food bar for the whole fam featuring her favorite snacks.

4. Do mother-daughter yoga. Maybe you’ve got a Lululemon-sporting lady or she’s never even said “Namaste.” Either way, a grown-up version of a Mommy-and-Me yoga class can be a great way to bond and relax together.

5. Go hiking, camping, or glamping. Pack up some gear and tent it for a night or just find a picturesque place to hike, picnic, and get some al fresco Instagram fodder.

6. Be baseball fans. Does mom root, root, root for the home team? If not, no worries: Even the sports-illiterate can have a ton of fun at baseball games. Pro tip: Minor League games are just as much fun, and you’ll avoid spending an entire paycheck at the stadium.

7. Sing karaoke. Put all that car-ride harmonizing to good use at your favorite karaoke spot. Bonus points if you serenade her with Sting.

8. Host a game night. Gather all of Mom’s favorite board games and take care of the snacks, drinks, and clean-up. All she needs to do is show up and have fun.

9. Hit up the dive bar. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re not careful, Mom just might drink you under the table. Maybe Dad can be sober cab…

10. Make homemade face scrubs. Thrifty, beauty product-loving moms will be thrilled that they can make their favorite face scrubs, lip scrubs, lip balms, or even bath bombs at home.

11.Bust out the pink foam rollers. When else are you going to use these beauty relics? Might as well experiment on each other’s hair, and have some LOLs while you do it.

Mother and daughter eating pizza together

12. Have a pizza party. No need to call for delivery. Making the pizza together is half the fun. Just add wine for the perfect night in. (Photo via Getty)

13. Host an at-home happy hour: Mom deserves a night off. Be her bartender for the evening and mix up some fancy cocktails she might not normally order.

14. Set off on an impromptu road trip. Rent a convertible and make like Thelma + Louise — without all the tragedy, of course. Just think of the selfies you’ll take!

15. Garden Together: Not to stereotype, but moms tend to know what they’re doing in this department. So why not dig in the dirt together? A cleaner alternative: Get some trendy indoor plants.

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