Whether we鈥檙e filling our Insta with adorable pics of our feisty pups or wrangling our reluctant cats into a holiday portrait, there鈥檚 nothing we enjoy more than spoiling our beloved four-legged animals. When the holidays roll around, it鈥檚 possible we get more excited about giving our pets gifts than they do receiving them. But we wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way. No matter what your budget is, you鈥檙e sure to find something among these 20 gifts that will suit your furry friend.


1. Pet Bowtie ($8): This four-pack of bow ties will make sure that your dog is prepped and primed for every fancy occasion.

2. Cat Cave ($62): Your bewhiskered friend will adore curling up in this warm little spot, which is basically a cat-sized slipper. Maybe he鈥檒l finally leave yours alone鈥

3. Pet Hoodie ($79): Spread the Beyonc茅 gospel to your pets with this hilarious robe. They鈥檒l wake up every morning feeling just like you: flawless.

4. Puffer Jacket ($40): If your pet is reluctant to step out into the cold (who can blame them?), bundle them up in a puffer from American Beagle Outfitters. Bonus points if you buy one for yourself to match!

5. Modular Fish Hotel ($40): They might not be able to curl up in your lap, but there鈥檚 no reason fish shouldn鈥檛 be just as fashion forward as our cats or dogs. Give them a stylish place to live with this mod home.

6. Dog Collar and Leash Combo ($100): Dress your dog in this beautiful leather collar and she鈥檒l be the talk of all the dogs on your block鈥 if dogs could talk, that is.

7. Bistro ($199): This super cool gadget uses facial recognition to feed your cat while you鈥檙e away. In case you鈥檙e missing that cute, furry face, it also comes with a camera that lets you check up on Mr. Whiskers.

8. Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats: Fill her stocking with these homemade treats, and just think of all the cool tricks she鈥檒l be willing to learn. (via Brit + Co)

9. Buoy Dog Toy ($14): If you鈥檙e over tossing that soggy tennis ball in the water for your dog, then this floating rubber toy will totally elevate your dog鈥檚 fetch game. Let the epic tug-of-war games begin.

10. Alpaca Cat Bed ($56): Made from raw alpaca fleece, this luxe bed might finally convince your cat to stop sleeping on your sweaters.

11. Paperclip Chew Toy ($4): With a rubber chew toy this chic, you won鈥檛 mind it hanging out on your carpet when your holiday guests arrive.

12. Catnip Hearts ($12): Are you ready for some kitty craziness? These bright catnip-filled felt hearts will have them in rainbow land in no time.

13. Mini Humunga Dog Toy ($11): Get that camera ready and pick out your favorite Insta filters. These toys are going to create some hilarious photo opps.

14. Dog Disc ($25): It鈥檚 light, it squeaks and it looks just like your dog. Get your furball this personalized frisbee, and they鈥檒l be chasing after their own face for hours. (A marked improvement over chasing their tail).


15. Pom Pom Teaser Toy ($8): With all the bells and balls on this cat toy, it鈥檒l be hard for even the most crotchety old kitty to ignore.

16. Dog Bed ($517): Okay, this stylish dog bed is a major splurge, but there鈥檚 no harm in dreaming, right?


17. BarkBox ($20+): If you鈥檙e into giving your pooch presents all year, then a Barkbox subscription box was made for you. Every month, your pet will receive a box stuffed with dog-related goodies.

18. Bailey鈥檚 Biscuits ($14): Grab your pup these gourmet treats from Bailey鈥檚 Biscuits and he鈥檒l be happy to sit and roll over for you.

19. Laser Cat Toy ($12): This toy will keep your cat jumping and leaping after that laser like he鈥檚 a new kitten. Turn your vid camera on and you might just capture the next viral pet superstar.

20. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): For all you hardcore pet lovers out there, these customized pet pillows are just for you.

What are you getting for your pet for Christmas? Are there any cool pet gifts we missed? Tell us about it below!