We’re in full-on fall mode around here, and that means three things: pumpkin, pumpkin and, yes, more pumpkin! There’s no question that this squash reigns supreme this time of year, whether showcased in pies, a celebration of all things PSL or pumpkin-spiced sips. Our guess is you’re a lot like us — always on the lookout for more ways cook up this orange-hued beaut’ — so enjoy this collection of 21 savory pumpkin recipes to make for lunch, dinner or just ’cause.

1. One Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta: Toss everything but the goat cheese and garnish in a pot, bring to a boil, give it a few stirs and dinner is ready. Pasta with homemade sauce doesn’t get much easier than this! (via Kitchen Treaty)

2. Mathanga Erissery (Pumpkin Curry from Kerala): Tempered by roasted, fresh coconut, the warm flavors of chiles, cumin and mustard seed work wonderfully with pumpkin. Enjoy this simple, delicious curry over rice. (via Indugets Cooking)

3. Pumpkin Ravioli: A touch of whole wheat flour in the pasta dough adds an extra savory depth and lovely, burnished hue to these delicious pumpkin-filled packets. (via Will Cook For Friends)

4. Tomato Wraps With Pumpkin and Feta: Sautéed pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes and a tangy cheese filling are folded into tortillas —tomato-flavored ones, preferably — to create a satisfying, meatless fall wrap. Pack ’em in your picnic basket when you go to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard! (via Angie’s Recipes)

5. Whipped Pumpkin Seed + Spinach Bean Dip: Enjoy this fluffy homemade dip as you would any bowlful of hummus. (via Clean Wellness)

6. Quinoa Black Bean Pumpkin Soup: A hearty, protein-filled and flavor-packed chili that happens to be vegan and totally nutritious? Count us in! (via Avocado Pesto)

7. Pumpkin Gnocchi With Sage Brown Butter + Feta: Knead up a big batch of these pumpkin dumplings and tuck them away in the freezer for a quick meal whenever you want. A dip in boiling water, a few tosses in herbed brown butter, a finishing touch of cheese and dinner is DONE. (via Reclaiming Provincial)

8. Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo Linguine: Cashews and pumpkin puree team up to create a creamy Alfredo sauce that tastes ridiculously rich, despite being dairy-free. (via Veggie and the Beast Feast)

9. Warm Roast Pumpkin and Cashew Salad: Make this substantial salad with whatever kind of nuts you have on hand — pecans and almonds would be especially tasty additions. You’ll love the unexpected pop of flavor that comes courtesy of candied lime zest. (via A Fresh Legacy)

10. Pasta Rotolo: You literally turn lasagna on its side to make these pasta rolls. A single noodle is spread with pumpkin and topped with spinach and feta, then rolled up and stuffed in a baking dish. Repeat, add sauce and bake and finally — the best part — enjoy! (via Tilli + Ružmarin)

11. Pumpkin-Ancho Enchiladas With Pulled Pork: Fans of fiery foods will love these spicy enchiladas. Should you prefer, leftover rotisserie chicken or turkey are terrific swaps for shredded pork. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

12. Chipotle Bacon Pumpkin Deviled Eggs: Mmm, smokey and spicy chipotles play ever-so-nicely with pumpkin and a smattering of salty bacon in these upgraded deviled eggs. Serve them at your next party… or keep them all to yourself. We won’t tell. (via Peanut Butter and Peppers)

13. Honey Sesame Roasted Pumpkin Crostini: Peppery arugula and olive oil, along with a crumble of briny feta, are ideal flavor counterpoints to the sweet nuttiness of roasted pumpkin. These crisp-yet-silky toasts make a terrific appetizer or light meal. (via Erin Made This)

14. Caramelized Onion + Butternut Pumpkin Crostata: Tucked into a flaky pastry crust, you’ll find a spread of sticky caramelized onion relish layered beneath roasted squash. Serve with a simple, balsamic vinaigrette-dressed salad to create a wonderful meal. (via Delicious Everyday)

15. Ricotta, Kale and Roast Pumpkin Zucchini Lasagna: This genius gluten-free recipe employs a coupling of zucchini “noodles” and gluten-free elbows to create a veggie-packed lasagna that only tastes rich. (via The Krooked Spoon)

16. Savory Pumpkin-Cheddar Pancakes With Rosemary: We’re always on the lookout for more primo pancake recipes to add to our collection, and these definitely make the cut. Top a stack with a fried egg to add even more substance! (via An Edible Mosaic)

17. Pumpkin, Charred Kale and Onion Tacos: Not your typical vegetarian tacos, these don’t even try to mimic meat in any way, shape or form. It’s a good thing. (via Cheese and Chocolate)

18. Pumpkin Chipotle Gougères: Enjoy these airy pumpkin puffs straight out of the oven. There’s no need to serve ’em up with anything, but they do make a terrific scoop for any number of dips. (via Leave a Happy Plate)

19. Chorizo, Zucchini, Roast Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Frittata: Loaded with sausage, veggies and cheese — plus eggs, of course — this frittata is equally full of fantastic, fall flavor. (via The Krooked Spoon)

20. Pumpkin Soup With Crispy Shallots: Crispy, sweet shallots are a beautiful contrast to this creamy pumpkin soup. Easily transform the recipe into a vegan-friendly dish by using vegetable broth and oil in lieu of chicken stock and ghee. (via A Calculated Whisk)

21. Pumpkin Fondue: Who says fondue has to require a ton of fuss? Give our easy baked-in-a-pumpkin fondue a try… you’ll be glad you did! (via Brit + Co)

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What other not-so-sweet ways do you like to prepare pumpkin? Share your ideas in the comments below!