Barbie has Skipper, Beyoncé has Solange, peaches have apricots. As the little sis of everyone’s favorite summer stone fruit, what apricots lack in size, they make up for in flavor. Tart, delicate and impeccably crisp, they are like biting into a summer’s day. We’ve found 15 of the yummiest recipes to steal the show at your next party. But hurry — these babies are only in-season until the end of July.

1. Rosemary and Apricot Shortbread: Perfect for tea time, these cookies will leave your guests in awe. Plus, the filling doubles as a jam for breakfast. Score! (viaTartlette Blog)

2. Grilled Cheese With Mascarpone, Apricots and Chocolate: Who says your GC has to be savory? Skip the tomato soup and satisfy your inner kid with this version. (via Not Without Salt)

3. Apple and Apricot Tart: This vegan-friendly treat is also sugar-free. What?! Something this healthy shouldn’t taste this good. (viaHummingbird High)

4. Moroccan Chicken and Apricot Salad: Even if you’re not leaving the ‘burbs this summer, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to Morocco with this easy wrap. (viaThe Year In Food)

5. Apricot and Blackberry-Marzipan: Inspired by German goodies, these pastries can be gobbled up with a hot cup of afternoon coffee. (viaDeserts for Breakfast)

6. Apricot Crisp: The apricot is truly the star of the show in this dessert! Eat it with a hearty scoop of ice cream. (viaHoney and Jam)

7. Apricot, Pistachio and Lemon Shortbread Tart: Just as tasty as it is gorgeous, this tart is perfect for your next brunch! (viaCannelle Vanille )

8. Fried Pies: Bless our hearts! This pie is straight from the heart of the south, and we are lovin‘ it. (The extra cholesterol is worth it, we promise.) (via For The Love of the South )

9. Broiled Apricots and Cherries With Ricotta and Thyme: Light and sweet, this dish is sure to be a summertime hit. Serve with fresh whipped cream or meringue. (viaDash and Bella)

10. Peach + Strawberry + Apricot Shake: We are always up for a good milkshake, and this one reigns supreme for this summer. Blend all your favorites into an ultra-healthy, ice-cold shake on a hot day! (viaFamily Fresh Cooking)

11. Jeweled Dark Chocolate Bark: Bark isn’t only for Christmastime. We adore this luxurious chocolate version that would be perfect as a gift for a hostess or for yourself. (viaIn Sock Monkey Slippers )

12. Apricot Bars: For the gals that love citrus-y lemon bars, try an apricot version. A handful of oats acts as a topping that mellows out the sweetness, because the filling tastes nostalgically like fruit leather. (viaRice on White Couple )

13. Apricot Chutney Ham and Cheese With Spiced Caramel Crust: Ham and cheese has never been more jazzy. Plus, a good chutney recipe is something every culinary maven must master! (viaFood52)

14. Breakfast Israeli Couscous With Apricots, Almonds and Coconut: Couscous is daunting, but this breakfast delight is super easy and oh-so sophisticated. (via Gimme Some Oven)

15. Pork Chops With Apricot Brandy Sauce: We love this boozy meal! Throw in some caramelized onions to really turn this dish into something spectacular. (via Steamy Kitchen)

How will you be eating apricots this summer? Any signature recipes we must know about? Comment below!