Back in August, Taylor Swift announced the upcoming release of her new album Reputation, her first new record in over three years. To no one鈥檚 surprise, her announcement 鈥 and the subsequent songs and visuals 鈥 immediately dominated the music conversation, and they鈥檒l likely continue to do so until Reputation is released.

We rounded up everything you need to know about the album below and will update this post as more information becomes available. Bookmark this page for all of your Reputation needs!

Taylor Swift 2016 Met Gala

When is it out? Reputation will be out on Friday, November 10, 2017.

How many songs will be on it? The iTunes pre-order preview shows 15 tracks. 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 is the first song, while 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do鈥 is track six.

What are the song titles? So far, we only know the names of the released singles, 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do鈥 and 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 Eagle-eyed fans have pointed out, however, that Swift may be hiding clues about another song鈥檚 name in plain sight. When 鈥淟WYMMD鈥 was released, the Instagram caption read, 鈥溾eady for it? New single #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo out now.鈥 The second single was, of course, called 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 鈥 so fans think the name of the third single might be in the caption of the 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 reveal, which read, 鈥淎 second glance into #reputation鈥eady for it?鈥 Could the next song be 鈥淪econd Glance鈥?

What is it about? Um, the better question might be who is it about. When the first single, 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do,鈥 dropped in late August, fans floated several theories on who the song was about, with the frontrunners being Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Katy Perry. The second single, 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 鈥 with its lustful lyrics 鈥 is believed to be about Swift鈥檚 rumored BF Joe Alwyn 鈥 although some Haylor (that鈥檚 Harry Styles and Taylor Swift) shippers remain convinced it鈥檚 about Styles.

Swift doesn鈥檛 shy away from writing about her relationships, so it鈥檚 likely that there will be more romantic lyrics to decipher on Reputation. But if the first single is any indication, this album is also going to be jam-packed with a look (and clap) back at all the drama she鈥檚 faced in the recent past.

What will it sound like? Swift鈥檚 first two Reputation singles signal a darker electro-clash sound that distances her ever further from her country roots. There are harder beats and more electronics than we鈥檝e heard on any previous Swift song, and, for better or worse, more 鈥渢alk-singing鈥 (AKA rapping). Swift seems to be moving away from anthemic choruses in favor of sticky pre-choruses and bridges, but so far, it sounds like Reputation is going to have more than its fair share of memorable hooks.

Who worked on it? So far, we know that Swift wrote and produced the album with Max Martin, Shellback, Ali Payami, and Jack Antonoff, all of whom Swift has worked with in the past. One-hit-wonders Right Said Fred also have a writing credit on the album, since their song 鈥淚鈥檓 Too Sexy鈥 was interpolated on 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do.鈥 (Spoiler alert: They loved it.) It鈥檚 possible there could be even more names in the credits as songs are released, though (and maybe a special guest or two), so we鈥檒l keep our eyes peeled.

What will it look like? The first visuals Swift dropped on Instagram for Reputation and the lead single 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do鈥 were dark: a slithering snake, stark blacks and whites, and bold blood reds. Swift herself showed off an edgier look on the album cover, wearing a chain choker, dark lips, ripped clothing ,and slicked-back hair. The 鈥淟WYMMD鈥 video was equally as menacing, and featured a vengeful Swift supposedly stomping all over her haters.

The color scheme took a turn toward a bright, fiery orange in the teasers for the latest single, 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 So far, the visual album rollout is a far cry from the nostalgic filters and pastels of previous album covers.

Swift鈥檚 image overhaul technically started over a year ago, when she bleached her hair platinum blonde for her Vogue聽cover (photographed by the same guy behind the Reputation cover, Mert Alas) and rocked a memorable goth-chic look for the 2016 Met Gala. She more or less dropped out of the public eye shortly thereafter.

Will she tour the album? It seems very likely. No dates have been announced and tickets aren鈥檛 on sale yet, but Swift announced a new ticketing system that gives fans access to exclusive tickets 鈥 which means a tour is imminent. The program came under fire for encouraging fans to buy merch and watch videos to have a chance at scoring better tickets, but Swift鈥檚 website says the system is to ensure that scalpers and bots don鈥檛 take tickets out of the hands of her fans.

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