When you factor in all of the egg hunting, Easter brunching and a few photo ops with the Easter bunny, the time allotted for brainstorming egg decorating ideas slips away FAST. Easter is right around the corner, and the pressure is on. No worries though — we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re going all-out with an intricate design or just need something to quickly DIY day-of, this eggy inspo has a little something for everyone. Before you start stocking those Easter baskets, grab a few Peeps and check out this list for the most egg-cellent ideas to DIY this year.

Shaving Cream Easter Egg Design Idea

1. Shaving Cream Egg: Who knew that something in your shower could create some seriously gorgeous eggs? If you’re doing this DIY with little kids, swap the shaving cream out with whipped cream in case they lick their fingers. (via Practically Functional)

Full House Easter Egg Design Idea

2. Full House Easter Egg: Proudly display your love for this ’90s favorite with these nostalgia-packed wonders. Grab a waterproof pen and some painter’s tape to help you color inside the lines. (via Brit + Co)

Golden Seismograph Easter Egg Design Idea

3. Golden Seismograph Easter Egg: These amazing eggs have a little bit of everything going on. Those golden accents will really dress up your table for an Easter brunch centerpiece. (via Aunt Peaches)

Pointillism Easter Egg Design Idea

4. Pointillism Easter Egg: Turn those blank Easter canvases into mini masterpieces with this easy DIY that requires stickers and markers to add dots to your masterpiece. It’ll look super skilled, but there’s almost no muss and very little fuss — no serious artist skills required. (via Brit + Co)

Glow Easter Egg Design Idea

5. Glow Egg: Who says an Easter egg hunt has to take place during the day? Round up your squad, and host a hunt after dark with these glowing beauties. (via Growing A Jeweled Rose)

Paper Dot Garland Easter Egg Design Idea

6. Paper Dot Garland Egg: If you’re really short on time after the Easter brunch is prepped, grab some pre-made garland or embroidery floss and wrap up your eggs for the big finish. This DIY takes seconds to throw together, so you can get back to planning that Easter brunch. (via Brit + Co)

Gold Cement Easter Egg Design Idea

7. Cement Egg: These gold-dipped minimalist beauties are heavy on the glam. They’re also easy to make and easy to stash away for next year’s festivities. (via Camille Styles)

Floral Easter Egg Design Idea

8. Floral Easter Egg: There’s no better nod to those spring blooms than showing your eggs a little botanical love. Decorate them with your #squad’s favorite flowers for a customized Easter basket. (via Brit + Co)

Colorblocked Easter Egg Design Idea

9. Colorblocked Egg: Every Easter egg basket could use a little color block action. Decorate them with your favorite combinations for a pop of color at the Easter egg hunt. (via Oh Joy!)

Calligraphy Easter Egg Design Idea

10. Calligraphy Egg: These calligraphy eggs add the sweetest personalized touch to those Easter gift baskets, and they’d also make some A+ placecards at your Easter brunch. (via Brit + Co)


11. Metallic Egg: Every egg collection could use some neon pattern and metallic accents. Add a little twinkle to the Easter table, and place them in the centerpiece. (via Miss Renaissance)


12. Sharpie Tie Dye Egg: Put that Sharpie collection to good use and get in on the tie dye trend. Just don’t forget: They’re too pretty (and toxic) to eat! (via Brit + Co)

13. Marbled Egg: If you’re into the concrete egg look but still want to use real eggs, try this luxe marbled design dipped in gold. These would look gorgeous in a glass bowl or a tall vase on the table. (via Lonny)


14. Tat Egg: This DIY is about as easy as it gets. And further proves our point that gold temporary tattoos should always be readily available. (via Brit + Co)


15. Ice Cream Cone Egg: These sweetly decorated eggs are just plain irresistible. Bonus: They won’t melt in anyone’s basket! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


16. Watercolor Egg: Show those Easter eggs the same watercolor love as your wardrobe this season. There’s no better time than spring for some colorful pattern play. (via Brit + Co)


17. Egg on a Shelf: Those Elf on a Shelf antics aren’t just for the winter holiday season — grab your camera and get those IG hashtags ready for some Easter mischief. (via Minted)


18. Egg Centerpiece: Save those eggshells from your brunch recipes and put them to good use for your centerpiece. Throw in fresh spring florals and set them into a carton for an Easter garden your guests will love. (via Brit + Co)


19. Whipped Cream Egg: Whipped cream is one of the best things ever (ahem, Leslie Knope!) so it’s really no surprise that it also can assist in making the most magical-looking eggs ever. (via Only Deco Love)


20. Golden Speckled Egg: These mint/metallic wonders belong on the Easter mantle. Use a paintbrush to dab gold paint onto the chef for a natural (but glam) look. (via Craftberry Bush)


21. Colored Powder Easter Egg: Make this holiday extra colorful with these technicolor beauties. You can use wooden eggs for some colorful beauties that can be reused next year! (via Sweet Paul Mag)

22. Modern Easter Egg: Show those Easter eggs some pattern-mixing love this season. These little details are super simple to recreate and will make for some seriously cute IGs. (via Handmade Charlotte)

23. Fruit + Vegetable Egg: Remind everyone that fruits and veggies are still part of a balanced diet, even with all of those Easter sweets around. The Easter bunny will definitely agree with that carrot up for grabs. (via Brit + Co)

24. Mr. + Mrs. Egg: Whether they’re a Mr. + Mr., a Mrs. + Mrs. or a Mr. and Mrs., this cute little pair of eggs would make a great addition to a newlywed basket. Bonus points for customizing them to look like the happy couple! (via Say Yes)

25. Crescent Moon Egg: Add a mystic edge to your collection this year, and throw some crescent moons in the mix. And for some edible goodness, opt for natural dye. (via Paper & Stitch)

26. Golden Egg: Repeat after us: Always go with gold. These are sure to jazz up the Easter decor and add a little sparkle to those pastels. (via Cocorrina)

27. Swan + Flamingo Egg: If your Easter grass is a traditional shade of green, you just can’t go wrong with flamingos and swans. These gorgeous birds will bring the Easter LOLs and make that egg hunt a lot more interesting. (via Studio DIY)

28. Shibori Egg: Indigo dye is all the rage and with egg designs this unique, we’re thinking it should be a new tradition every year! (via EnvatoTuts+)

29. Metallic Pom Pom Nest: The only thing cuter than pom poms are teensy pom poms. Pair them with a metallic texture, and you’ve got some A+ nesting action in the realm of Easter decor. (via Brit + Co)

30. Typography Egg: Graphic designers and hardcore IGers will love this egg DIY. Have your hashtags at the ready to get those “likes” rolling in. And don’t worry — no obsessive kerning necessary. (via Lovely Indeed)

31. Embroidery Egg: It’s a good thing these bright embroidery eggs are too pretty to eat — unraveling them would just be cruel. (via Brit + Co)

32. Painterly Egg: Sometimes a subtle pattern is all you need. Skip the dip dyes and go with something hand painted instead. These are sure to stand out from the rest. (via Paper & Stitch)

33. Puffy Paint Egg: That beloved puffy paint from your #TBT decorating days is back in a big way. Add a little texture and pattern to your eggs, then just wait for it to dry. (via Brit + Co)

34. Humpty Dumpty Egg: The childhood tale may not have ended very well, but at least this DIY makes him look super cute. Just be sure to give these guys plenty of cushion so they feel nice and secure. (via Confetti Sunshine)

35. Pop Star Egg: Because there’s no better way to pay Easter tribute to your favorite celeb than with their own eggy likeness. Have an Easter get-together with your squad, and make it a contest for whose egg gets the most votes. Winner takes home a basket of Cadbury eggs and Peeps! (via Brit + Co)

36. Mix + Match Egg Sculpture: These sculptures are sure to start a conversation as an arty centerpiece. Pick some patterns and colors that play well together, and get ready for your guests to start ‘Gramming. (via Mr. Printables)

37. Ombre Glitter Egg: The only thing better than glitter is ombre glitter — it’s just a given. Dip these bad boys in your favorite shade of sparkle, and get the party started. (via Brit + Co)

38. Easter Egg Piñata: While piñatas don’t need a holiday, these Easter egg piñatas sure do pack a festive punch. Your guests will be tickled when the egg hatches Peeps instead of baby chicks. (via Corner Blog)

39. Modern Ukrainian Egg: Traditional Ukrainian eggs take a LOT of time and dedication. Even if you don’t have the free time to put in that much detail, you can still get the look: This super colorful take on a Ukrainian favorite will take your Easter decor from pastel to punchy. (via Brit + Co)

40. Golden Marbled Egg: Pastel and metallic is a match made in heaven. Get your space in the festive spirit or just gift them to your gal pals — they’re too pretty to keep to yourself. (via Craftuts)

41. Hipster Egg: These ‘stached little dudes are guaranteed to crack a smile or two at the Easter bash. Study up on your knowledge of mustaches, label the bottoms of your eggs and turn it into a guessing game with your guests. (via Brit + Co)

42. Doughnut Egg: Bring a few dozen of these guys to work, and they’re sure to be a hit. Or, recreate this design with wooden eggs for a sugary sweet design you can use year after year. Whatever you do, just don’t forget the extra sprinkles! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

43. Naturally Dyed Egg: Give your craft drawer a little time off for this holiday, and step outside to find inspo and materials that are au naturale. One of these at each place setting will offer a warm welcome to your guests. (via Brit + Co)

44. Bouffant Egg: These sassy little eggs are sporting some serious volume. Talk about an A+ basket choice for the hair goddess in your life. (via Studio DIY)

45. Washi Tape Egg: Honestly, is there anything that washi tape can’t do? Eliminate the drying time, and just snip a little of your favorite patterned tape instead. (via Brit + Co)

46. Gold Animal Egg: Pick your favorite miniature animals from your local craft store, and get going on this adorable presentation. Spray paint the miniatures with gold paint, and skip the egg dye altogether. The gold against the white is totally enough for these minimalist beauts. (via Flax & Twine)

47. Mosaic Egg: Peeling off a cute design is like unwrapping an adorable holiday gift — it’s just so sad! Luckily, these non-toxic mosaic eggs look best right when you’re about to chow down. (via Brit + Co)

48. Egg Banana Split: Excuse us while we have a moment over this amazing eggy set up. This would be great for an Easter birthday or just a little ice cream social! Just make sure there’s real ice cream waiting in the freezer. (via The Glitter in My Tea)

49. Simple Abstract Egg: No strong artist skills necessary for this one — just some colorful brush strokes and a bit of creativity! Pair them with baby’s breath to let your eggs speak on behalf of your colorful bouquet. (via Ink Struck)

50. Metallic Calligraphy Egg: Need a quick place card idea for that Easter brunch? Grab your brush, and get to personalizing! (via Sugar & Charm)

51. Mr. Potato Head Egg: This #TBT nod to our favorite spudsy guy is the perfect trip down memory lane. Make all the pieces so your guests can create new faces, and IG it to “check in” to your brunch. (via The Glitter In My Tea)

52. Cactus Egg: No need to worry about cactus prickers with these adorable little dudes. Personalize each “plant” with a color-coordinating bloom for a desert-chic Easter presentation. (via Delia Creates)

53. Tissue Paper Egg: Mod Podge really is heaven sent. And you can pretty much create any tissue paper pattern you like. Spring florals are a go! (via Say Yes)

54. Marbled Egg: All you need is Google translator and some nail polish to make these marbled masterpieces. Blow out the insides before you decorate, or remember: No eating — just looking! (via Dekotopia)

55. Pantone Eggs: We could probably post this and call it a day – they’re that good. (via How About Orange)

56. Emoji Eggs: Express your virtual feelings with cute emoji faces! (via Studio DIY)

57. Ombre Eggs: Easter eggs can be trendy too. (via Ashbee Design)

58. Black and White Eggs: Grab a Sharpie and throw on your favorite rom-com to create these gorgeous black and white patterned eggs. (via Obviously Sweet)

59. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs: Did you know you can use old silk ties and other silk pieces to dye eggs? (via Boulder Locavore)

60. Lace Wrapped Eggs: Wrap ’em up in a bit of lace trim! (via Celebrating Everyday Life)

61. Lace Pattern Eggs: Or use lace as a stencil. Love the subtle patterns on these. (via DIY Til We Die)

62. Burger Easter Egg: The perf answer to brown eggs — no dye needed! Hamburger eggs FTW! (via Studio DIY)

63. Super Mario Bros: It’s-a me, Mario! (via Instructables)

64. Polka Dot Eggs: Nothing like a polka dot party to add a pop of festive cheer to any get-together. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

65. Silk Dye Eggs: If you’re not sure where to find silk ties and what not for dyeing, snag a kit with all the materials to make the eggs you see above. (via BooBahBlue on Etsy)

66. Natural Dyed Eggs: Not into the bright neon stuff? Go natural by using spinach, red cabbage, beets, dill seeds, and turmeric to color your eggs. (via Boulder Locavore)

67. Decoupage Eggs: Use fabric or patterned paper to create lovely floral eggs with a little help from Mod Podge. (via Dizzy Maiden)

68. Chalkboard Eggs: We’re big fans of chalkboard everything, and Easter eggs are no exception. (via Oleander + Palm)

69. Bunny Eggs: Now the Easter bunny can hide baby egg-shaped bunnies for egg-stra cuteness. (via Bitte Blog)

70. Dip-Dyed Eggs: We love the geometric look of these simple dip-dyed eggs. (via Oh Joy)

71. CMYK Ode Eggs: From Pantone to CMYK, these eggs are perfect for designers. (via Martha Stewart)

72. Dot Sticker Flower Eggs: Fluorescent office supplies to the rescue! (via BHG)

73. Watercolor Letter Eggs: Use decals and watercolor paints to create cute messages with your eggs. (via Oh Happy Day)

74. Message in an Egg: You had us at “eggstra special chick.” (via Poppytalk)

75. Galaxy Eggs: These eggs are really out of this world! (via Dream A Little Bigger)

76. Feather Eggs: Egg meets feather with this simple and pretty decorative idea. (via Frugal Mom Eh!)

77. Fabric-Covered Eggs: Not up for getting messy with dye? Use scraps of fabric to create a whole bunch of colorful eggs. (via BHG)

78. Calligraphed Eggs: These would also make awesome place cards at an Easter brunch! (via Oh Happy Day)

79. Fresh Flower Decoration Eggs: Such a simple idea but beautifully done, we’re digging the natural look of these mini flowers tied onto eggs. (via A Daily Something)

80. Chevron Eggs: Can’t resist a little chevron action? Use electrical tape to create chevron patterns on eggs before dyeing them. (via Bon Bon Rose Girls)

81. Star Wars Eggs: The force is most definitely with these eggs. (via Smile! Mermaid on Flickr)

82. Glitter Sticker Eggs: More glitter? Yes please. (via Family Circle)

83. DIY Multicolored Pom Pom Eggs: Because pom poms are best when they’re *errwhere*. (via Why Don’t You Make Me)

84. Origami Flower Eggs: Employ those snowflake skills on a smaller scale by creating flower shapes with origami paper and gluing them into eggs. (via Family Circle)

85. Photo Print Eggs: We can’t decide if these are totally awesome or totally weird but we have to say something about eggheads, right? (via A Subtle Revelry)

86. Easter Egg Totem Poles: Such a cute idea and great for the kids! (via Mr. Printables)

87. Ombre Easter Eggs: One more ombre design idea, just for good measure. (via Sugar and Charm Blog)

88. Graphic Pattern Eggs: You can use electrical tape and decals to create a graphic look that reminds us of silk screen printing. (via Martha Stewart)

89. Mustachioed Eggs: Hipsters or old school gangsters, take your pick. (via No. 2 Pencil)

90. Tie-Dyed Eggs: Now here’s an idea your ‘rents will appreciate. (via BHG)

91. Chick Eggs: Make your own peeps with this adorbs easter egg DIY. (via It All Started With Paint)

92. Yes Way, Rose Eggs: ‘Cuz rose all day, every month, year round. That is all. (via Posh Little Designs)

93. Mud Cloth Eggs: We love African mud cloth patterns and think Easter eggs wear them pretty well too. (via Alice & Lois)

94. Macrame Eggs: Skip the basket this year and DIY something you can use every Easter. (via Lindsey Crafter)

95. Frida Kahlo Eggs: WWFD? The queen of color would def make her Easter eggs egg-stra gorgeous with a touch of floral! (via Little Inspiration)

96. Eggs Tropicale: No plane ticket needed to get a lil’ equatorial inspiration. Palm trees, yes please! (via Poppytalk)

97. Easter Egg Sticker Art: Great for kids and adults and alike, just download your *adorbs* printable stickers and get to creatin’ Easter art! (via Hello, Wonderful)

98. Alphabet Eggs: Send all your bb’s Easter messages with the cutest of DIY alphabet eggs. (via Lovely Indeed)

99. Paint Pen Patterned Eggs: Spray paint and paint pens make for a perfect pairing when it comes to simple and quick egg design. (via Lovely Indeed)

100. Celebrity Eggs: The secret here is tattoo paper and you can choose all the stars and phrases. Eat your (via Studio DIY)

101. Spray Paint Eggs: The graffiti artist in you will love spraying these eggs with some Easter color. We’re loving the metallic silver! (via Little Inspiration)

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