Okay, so pickling may be anything but passé, but it certainly isn’t the only preservation method deserving some cred. We’re highlighting the beauty of pickling’s polar opposite, confit, with this collection of 15 flavor-packed recipes. Using oil or even sugar syrup in place of vinegar to enhance everything from alliums to fruit to meat and much more creates amazing flavors and textures that are beyond compare. Educate your tastebuds with mellow, sweet and totally tender or brash, pucker-y and crisp. Just one taste will have you saying “Oui” to confit!

1. Brined Roast Turkey Breast With Confit Legs: Looking for a fantastic alternative to a whole roasted turkey this holiday? We’ve got just the bird for you. Each part has its own tailor-made cooking method, resulting in incredible and very distinct flavors. Dry birds are officially banished for good. (via Bon Appétit)

2. Shaved Asparagus Pizza: After one taste of this shaved asparagus pizza with a bacon and red onion confit spread, you will be totally smitten. (via Dine + Dash)

3. Duck Confit: We won’t try to feign otherwise — there are multiple steps involved in creating this classic French confit at home. However, the fall-off-the-bone, tender meat makes all of your effort more than worth it. (via Tasting Table)

4. Earl Grey Tea Loaf Cake With Blood Orange Confit: This pairing of orangey, bergamot-scented Earl Grey loaf and vanilla bean-blood orange confit is simply meant to be. (via Butter and Brioche)

5. Garlic Confit: If you enjoy roasted garlic, you’ll absolutely love garlic confit. This super easy recipe yields soft, sweet cloves and a flavorful oil that can be used to enhance any number of recipes. (via A Sage Amalgam)

6. Pork Belly Confit: It’s hard to go back to regular ol’ bacon after you experience pork belly prepared this way. This crackly yet melt-in-your-mouth texture combined with the salty, caramelized flavor is to die for. (via Leite’s Culinaria)

7. Spring Onion Crostini: A few sweet confit bulbs crown this blanched spring onion pesto to create slices of fancy toast that are totally packed with flavor. Even better, not a single drop of the oil used for confiting goes to waste. (via Bite Sized)

8. Apple Confit Cake: This just may be the longest-baked creation in the history of cakes. After seven or so hours, it’ll be tender, beautifully caramelized and practically begging for you to savor every slice. (via Vintage Kitchen Notes)

9. Duck Confit Pizza: If you find yourself with leftover duck confit, put it to good use in this total feast of a pizza. Topped with creamy dollops of mashed potato, shredded Brussels sprouts and a whole lotta cheese, this pie is the epitome of a splurge. (via Bacon Egg + Cheese{cake})

10. Stuffed Eggplant Confit: A delectable chili stuffing and unique cooking method coax a ton of flavor and silky texture out of these petite eggplants. (via Fork Spoon Knife)

11. Tomato Confit Pasta: You only need a handful of ingredients to transform fresh tomatoes into the perfect toss-in for this pasta. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

12. Candied Citrus Peel: Simmering fruit in sugar syrup just happens to be another sweet way to confit. Enjoy nibbling on these homemade candies on their own, or add them to your next fruitcake. (via Heather Bullard)

13. Pepper Confit Sauce: Because you can never have too many hot sauces to choose from, this is a homemade condiment to DIY ASAP. Pretty soon you will be putting this spicy pepper medley on just about everything (watch your back, Buffalo sauce). (via Lady and Pups)

14. Moroccan Chicken Patties With Date Confit: Sweet, savory and spicy flavors mingle ever-so-nicely in each bite of these naturally low-carb canapes. (via Food Republic)

15. Salmon Confit With Green Bean Salad: It’s always such a shame when a beautiful piece of fish gets overcooked. Confit to the rescue — it’s a foolproof way to ensure perfectly cooked salmon fillets every time. (via Taste)

Have you ever experimented with confit at home or enjoyed it at a restaurant? Let’s talk confit in the comments!