Move-in weekend is finally over and now it鈥檚 time for the fun part: decorating your dorm room. Posters are the obvious go-to, but we鈥檙e challenging you to think outside of the paper box this year.

To help, we鈥檝e rounded up 15 of our favorite pieces of wall art from the B+C shop. They鈥檒l all add much-needed texture and vibrancy to your dorm鈥檚 bland walls, and personalize your space so it feel completely YOU.

1. State Lovin鈥 Wood Wall Art ($26): Whether you choose to display your hometown or your college town, this piece is the perfect way to show off where your heart is. And at just under a foot tall, it won鈥檛 be too overwhelming.

2. That鈥檚 What鈥檚 Up Wall Decal ($10): Waking up can be difficult after a late night, but this wall decal is here to help. Here鈥檚 your chance to channel Queen Bey with some seriously sassy 鈥淚 woke up like this鈥 vibes.

3. Zebra No.1 Print ($21): Dorm walls are generally boring shades of white, beige or grey. Why not brighten them up with this whimsical print? The funky zebra print makes us nostalgic for Fruit Stripe Gum.

4. Answer is Always Tacos Wool Felt Pennant ($25): Pennants always channel school spirit, and there鈥檚 no team we鈥檇 cheer harder for than Team Taco. Your roommate is going to be so jealous of this.

5. Happy Wall Banner ($26): College can be stressful at times, and this is a great way to get some happy vibes going. It鈥檚 super easy to hang up too 鈥 a simple pushpin or adhesive hook will do.

6. Dip Dyed Wall Hanging Kit ($24): There鈥檚 a fun DIY element with this purchase, which gives you the opportunity to customize your dip dye job. Which version do you like better?

7. Color Dash Cube Art Canvas ($15): This cube-shaped canvas is one of the cutest things we鈥檝e seen all day, and it鈥檚 the best beginning to a colorful gallery wall. Yes, gallery walls can exist in dorm rooms as well.

8. Wall Art Weaving Kit ($75): This whimsical wall hanging looks complicated at first, but don鈥檛 be deterred. It comes with a 36-page instruction booklet filled with beautiful color photos to guide you along the way.

9. Cubist Shelf ($50): Storage is always an issue in dorm rooms, so incorporating it into your wall decor is a seriously smart move. This adorable cube-shelf even comes with a wooden tumbler for a baby plant. Win!

10. Chalkboard Calendar Decal ($50): Speaking of functional art, this chalkboard is the ultimate way to stay organized throughout the week. It鈥檚 way better than a regular calendar because you can use it for years to come.

11. Hot Mama Chili Pepper Lights ($17): Twinkle lights have become a staple in dorm rooms, but you鈥檝e never seen them like this. Chili peppers aren鈥檛 just for your food anymore, folks.

12. Trigon Bulletboard ($40): This bulletboard is two-in-one: you can tack things onto its foam inside, or magnetically hang them on the outside. Absolutely genius.

13. Beach Day Tassel Garland ($35): Every day is a celebration with this gorgeous garland. These fun colors are the perfect way to brighten up any room.

14. Popsicle String Lights ($21): We can鈥檛 get enough of these food-shaped lights. They鈥檙e the perfect way to make sure it鈥檚 an endless summer in your dorm room.

15. Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30): And finally, a fresh-faced clock to keep you from running late, assuming that you don鈥檛 stay in your room and admire it for too long.

What鈥檚 your dorm wall going to look like this fall? Let us know in the comments below!