While spring might mean warmer temps and being that much closer to summer, it also means crazy, unpredictable weather for many of us and a whole slew of hair-related dramas that go along with it. And while there’s not much we can do about random torrential downpours in the middle of a seemingly sunny day or creeping humidity that makes dressing appropriately almost impossible, keeping your hair looking on-point through it all IS possible. Frizz might be inevitable and yeah, your locks might get a little wet, but these 18 ‘dos can take a weather-related beating and still leave you looking fly.


1. Twisted Crown: Lazy girls everywhere rejoice. This half-up style takes just five minutes to do (so you can go ahead and hit snooze) and will keep your hair out of your face and looking great no matter what the day throws your way. (via Twist Me Pretty)


2. French Twist Bun: Another great braid for keeping stray hairs at bay, this classic style will look great morning, noon, night AND the next day. When you’re ready to take it down, beautiful boho waves will appear. The hair chalk is completely optional, but would look great at your next music festival. (via Brit + Co)


3. Knotted Ponytail: Double knots and a couple bobby pins make this style impenetrable. (via Refinery29)


4. Fishtail: Fishtails are like superbraids, and just so happen to be the ultimate bad-hair-day fix. They hold hair like none other and make even the most wacked-out locks look fab. And while neatly styled fishtails are undeniably pretty, we think they only improve the messier they get. (via Treasures & Travels)


5. Updo for Naturally Curly Hair: Ditch the straightening iron and embrace your natural curls when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Because let’s be real — all that effort goes down the drain the minute you step outside. This pretty ‘do is simple and potentially game-changing. (via Once Wed)


6. Low Ponytail With Volume: There’s a reason you sport a ponytail at the gym or out for a run — it’s a style that can stand up to serious movement and a little moisture. For a sophisticated look, style it low, adding a little volume at the crown. (via Birdie)


7. Side Braid Waves: Beachy waves and a dutch braid come together in this side-swept style that’s perfect for a windy day. (via I Spy DIY)


8. Sleek Bun: This sophisticated style will keep you looking polished and put together in the face of whipping winds and misty rain. A spritz of hairspray will keep flyaways at bay so your hair stays glossy and flawless. (via StyleList)


9. Milkmaid Braids: Updos are kind of awesome when it comes to combatting the elements. They manage to lock hair in place and keep it from going wild, all while taking your look to the next level. A slightly undone finish is key to getting this flirty look right, so you won’t have to worry about a less-than-ideal climate mussing it up. (via Allure)


10. Twisted Low Ponytail: A souped-up version of a classic style, this twisted pony can be thrown together in two seconds flat. The more undone the look, the more style points you get. (via Brit + Co)


11. Pinned-Down Ponytail: A classic ponytail keeps hair in check, while the addition of a single (sheer) bobby pin creates a chic runway-ready look. (via Harper’s Bazaar)


12. Top Knot and Scarf Combo: Frizzy hair, don’t care. This sleek style is for those blah days when you just can’t even, but don’t want to risk an untamed mane. You won’t find an easier updo than a top knot with the addition of a silk scarf to tuck away bangs and other pesky free-flowing strands. (via Three Bird Next)


13. Fishtail Pigtails: Unkempt fishtail braids have a boho vibe that is the ideal match for any of your off-duty outings. (via Birdie)


14. Half-Up Top Knot: Because there is honestly no occasion where this stylish and undone half-up style isn’t appropriate. The ‘do keeps hair out of your face and the aftermath of whipping winds and a little rain just makes it look even more on-point. (via Flair)


15. Dressed-Up Gibson Tuck: An embellished headband controls flyaways and funky frizz, while jazzing up this classic weather-proof style. (via Treasures & Travels)


16. Twisted Buns: While one bun is pretty effective on its own for combating the elements, imagine what the power of three can do. (via A Cup of Jo)

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17. Slicked Back: From the runway to the red carpet, sleek, slicked back ‘dos are everywhere. And while you might not have considered it as a style you could rock IRL, if rain is in the forecast, it’s one you might want to add into the rotation. Since it’s already wet, a little rain ain’t no thang. Plus the hairspray that keeps it in place will ward off frizz and flyaways all day long. (Photo via Andreas Rentz/Getty)


18. Topsy Tail: This twist on the classic ponytail keeps your hair on lock with extra clear elastics offering serious hold. (via Camille Styles)

How do you keep your hair looking polished while combating the elements? Tell us in the comments!