When you’re rocking out at a festival, you want to look amazing without having to think about your hair. And when you haven’t showered, conditions are hot and humid and dirt is everywhere, the last thing you want to do is look in a mirror. Fortunately, festival hair embraces tangles, the unwashed look, accessories and, of course, braids for days. The key is to keep it simple and work your way from clean hair on day one to full head scarf or hat on the last day. Check out these 22 hairstyles that require minimal effort and actually get better with hot sun and humid conditions, leaving you with fab festival hair all weekend long.


1. Floral Head Wrap: Keep things simple and flowery with a bright head wrap like this one. This might just be the perfect day-three ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


2. Tiny Boho Band: Fight the frizz with a little headband that keeps all those flyaway hairs tucked in. (via Studded Hearts)


3. Braided Pigtails: Part hippy, part boho and completely adorable, these loose pigtails are fun and youthful, especially when paired with a headband. (via Little Lady)


4. Sea Salt Spray: DIY a batch of sea salt spray and apply it liberally and often. This method is perfect for festivals because the hotter and more humid the conditions, the better the curl will be. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Add Feathers: Freshen up your style with a boho feathery hair accessory. If you get thrifty you can probably make this hair wrap with stuff you already have around the house. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Canyon Braid DIY: One of the major goals of festival hair is covering up the fact you haven’t showered in a few days. Wrapping a couple braids around your head covers up your roots while staying stylish. (via Free People)


7. Simple Side Braid: Once your bangs have given up the fight, pin them back in a simple little braid and you’ll be ready to keep rocking. (via Brit + Co)


8. Add Hair Chalk: Because, duh. Hair chalk is an ideal way to add temporary color to your hair. (via Free People)


9. Rope Braids Low Bun: When it comes to festival hair, the more braids the better. Keeping your hair in braids will also help prevent dreads and tangles from forming while you’re dancing your heart out. (via …love Maegan)


10. Easy Headscarf Roll: No teasing or bobby pins here. Just twist, wrap and tuck. (via Freckled Fox)


11. Feather Headband Side Braid: You’ll want to rock the festival look all year round with a colorfully accessorized braid. (via Brit + Co)


12. Boho Side Braid: Part of the allure of festivals is impressing everyone with how stylish you look, right? A fancy side braid will draw lots of compliments but actually looks much more complicated than it really is. (via Wonder Forest)


13. Neon Studded Braid: When you’re tired of having your hair in your face, pull it back into a braid and then dress that braid up with some serious neon hair pins. (via Brit + Co)


14. Double Pony Trick: Take your ponytail to the next level with a simple little trick that makes the most of your unwashed hair texture. (via Promise Tangeman)


15. Head Wrap: Proof that hair chalk isn’t just for blondes, this festival ‘do is everything. And the headband and wrap tie the look together just right. (via Studded Hearts)


16. Fake Fishtail Braid: If you just can’t wrap your head (fingers?) around the fishtail braid, try this super sneaky hack to get the look without worrying about all those strands. Plus, the extra hair ties give you the option for more colorful accessories. (via Free People)

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17. Pretty Mohawk: Get your hair up off your neck with a pretty updo that just stacks multiple topknots together. (via Promise Tangeman)


18. Beachy Waves: Textured beach hair just gets better and better as the days go by. Bring dry shampoo and you’ll be the perfect hot mess. (via Treasures and Travels)


19. Simple Fishtail: Even though it looks fancy, the fishtail braid is pretty easy to master. And it looks better and better as it falls out, which is why we love it for festivals. (via Camille Styles)


20. Hair Wrap: Hide tangles with colorful hair wraps. Perfect for all hair types, the bright ribbon will add just the right amount of pop. (via Refinery29)


21. Crown Braid: Super romantic and great for controlling static or frizzy hair, this crown braid will make you the epitome of boho-rocker style. It looks good as-is, but we’d accessorize the braid with some flowers or colorful ribbons. (via Nylon)


22. Cover It Up: When all else fails, or on the very last day, you can’t go wrong with a cool boho hat. (via Hype My Hair)

Do you have any favorite festival hairstyles? Share your tips in the comments below!