We’re no stranger to taking snack foods to the next level, but today we’re going beyond the usual graham cracker crust and chocolate-covered pretzels. Get ready for some massive temptation with this collection of 15 all-new sweet and salty transformations. Not enough snack aisle action for you? You can always hack your ice machine into a candy dispenser to satisfy your cravings for sweets with just the push of a button.


1. BBQ Trail Mix: Aww yeah, we’ve got some major snack food synergy going on in this mix. Boosted by a smokey jerky, this is one protein-packed munchie where the whole is no doubt greater than the sum of its parts. (via Handmade Mood)


2. Speculoos Cheese Cake: With enough cookie (butter) action in the filling, this cheesecake cleverly deviates from the usual graham crust. We’re already swooning over the buttery malted pretzel base that takes its place. (via The Moonblush Baker)


3. (Easiest Ever) Coconut Lime Pie: Upgrade saltines from a sickbed snack to a sweet-salty crust for this creamy key lime pie. (via A Beautiful Mess)


4. Muddy Buddy Pie: Using classic Chex mix in the crust is a great way to add a hint of saltiness to this muddy buddy-inspired pie. (via The Crepes of Wrath)


5. Doritos Chicken Fingers: You’ll go loco for these cheesy, crisp chicken fingers. (via Ang Sarap)


6. Oreo Chip Cookies: Double up on the cookie action with these Oreo-stuffed chocolate chippers. (via Brit + Co)


7. Glazed Donut Pie: We’re not sure if a slice of this pie filled with donut holes should be served for breakfast or dessert… or both. Thoughts? (via The Domestic Rebel)


8. Flaming Cheetos + Arugula Grilled Cheese: We’ve been adding potato chips to our browned-bagged sandwiches since grade school, so this Cheetos-stuffed grilled cheese definitely has our name written allllll over it. (via Lady and Pups)


9. Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Tart: Salted chocolate meets a fave flavor combo in this tempting tart. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)


10. Five-Ingredient Puppy Chow Ritz Cracker Cookies: Here, a classic snack mix gets revamped with the help of buttery Ritz crackers. These no-bake cookies are definitely a fun holiday activity to get the kiddos involved in. (via Half Baked Harvest)


11. Twinkie Tiramisu: Cream-filled sponge cakes provide a tempting touch of extra sweet lusciousness to this easy-yet-elegant tiramisu. (via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)


12. Piggy Pancakes: Add some savory bacon flair to your next short stack by using crushed pork rinds in place of flour. Seriously. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how light, fluffy and crave-able they are. (via Jules Food)


13. Popcorn Grits: Freshly popped popcorn isn’t just for movie night any more. These buttery grits are an eye-opening, tantalizing twist on two favorite comfort foods. (via Williams Sonoma)


14. Homemade Cookie Butter: A triplicate of snack aisle cookies is just what you need to make your very own, from-scratch cookie butter. It may be even more tempting than the original. Yeah, we went there. (via Brown Sugar)


15. Oreo Mug Cake: No question, this single-serving cake improves upon basic cookies and milk… especially when served à la mode. (via Mix and Stir)

Share your ideas for making store-bought snacks into original creations with us below.