Our favorite type of discovery here at Brit HQ? When we take something we already own or have used a dozen times, and figure out a whole new way to use it. In some cases, this results in a chocolate iPhone. In others, a revival of the ’90s catch and toss. And, in many cases, it’s all about style and the variety of ways you can wear basic garments like scarves, button down shirts, skirts, and more. Here are 30 of our best style hacks from over the last year.

Not only are these great ways to mix up your wardrobe, but they are great tools for figuring out how to pack light for a late spring, summer, or fall vacation. Let us know your favorite tips for hacking your closet, packing light, and styling up the basics in the comments below.

1. Tie a Men’s Shirt into a Strapless Sundress: This one is a great trick for summertime style. Take any oversized men’s shirt, put it on without the sleeves and tie the sleeves around to create a sweet little dress.

2. Wear a Skirt as a Cowl Scarf: Who knew that a skirt could totally double as a cowl neck scarf?

3. Buttoned Up Mini Skirt: Can you believe the red skirt in this look is actually a cardigan? You definitely want to wear leggings under this, just in case a button pops ;)

4. Turn Sleeveless Shirts into Peplum Tops: Update old tank tops with a dose of pretty peplum. You basically cut a circle out of fabric, and sew onto the waist of old shirts.

5. Turn a Scarf into a Tote: Need a tote in a pinch? Turn any scarf into a shoulder bag with a few simple knots.

6. Combine a Belt and Scarf: For a unique take on the vest, combine a canvas belt with a bohemian scarf to recreate this cool look.

7. Wear a Black Long Sleeve as a Tube Top: A black long sleeve shirt is a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe, but did you know you could turn it into a tube top?

8. Turn a Maxi Dress into a Halter: Turn that strapless maxi dress upside down and transform it into a club-ready halter!

9. The Pocket Tie: For gals who love to rock a tie or dudes who need a place to stash their cash, the pocket tie is one of our favorite inventions.

10. Add Laces to Heels: Spice up old pumps by lacing them up.

11. Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Sleeveless Tunic: How adorable is this tunic? Best of all, we found the shirt at Goodwill for less than $5!

12. Stencil Your Leggings: If you can’t live without your trusty pair of leggings, add a little more personality to them by way of fabric paint and geometric stencils.

13. Turn Bootcut Jeans into Skinny Jeans: Still holding on to those bootcut jeans but have no idea why? Turn them into skinny jeans with a clever zipper hack.

14. Circle Scarf as a One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress: Guess what this summery cocktail dress is made out of? A circle scarf!

15. Turn a Cardigan into a Strapless Sweetheart Top: Another cardigan hack – this will show you how to make a sweet sweetheart-style top out of your favorite sweater.

16. Wear a Men’s Shirt as a Backless Tube Top: Festival season is in full swing, and we love us a summer concert in the sunshine. Rock country style with a little more sass by recreating this checkered look.

17. Turn Skirts into Peplum Skirts: If you’re more into the peplum skirt than shirt, this tutorial will show you how to update existing skirts with flirty peplum.

18. Wear a Skirt as a Strapless Tunic: Remember that skirt we turned into a cowl neck scarf? It also works as a tube top!

19. Rock a Scarf as a Necktie: For a little play on the necktie, use a gorgeous silk scarf.

20. T-Shirt Bolero: We love this summery take on a bolero jacket.

21. Tie a Scarf into a Vest: This is our go-to beach coverup this summer – all you have to do is tie one knot!

22. Wear a Circle Scarf as a Halter: This belted halter is actually a circle scarf, turned upside down, inside out, and tied at the top.

23. Turn a Hoodie into a Skirt: If you’ve got a hoodie you love but just can’t rock anymore, try turning it into a skirt. Warning: It might become your Sunday farmer’s market uniform.

24. Turn a Long Sleeve Shirt into a Skirt: Guess what this hot little black number is? A long sleeve shirt!

25. The Ultimate Scarf Belt: With a few strategic cuts, you can turn any standard belt into a customizable scarf belt.

26. Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Shoulder-less Frock: Another one created from a thrift store find, this is a hot way to rock a men’s shirt.

27. Repurpose Sweaters into Skirts + Scarves: Got a sweater that’s a little worse for the wear after this winter? Turn it into a skirt or pocket scarf, perfect for brisk spring nights.

28. The Cardigan Cowl: We love turning clothes into scarves, and scarves into clothes!

29. Use a Hair Straightener to Iron Collars: This hack is great for travel and will get wrinkles out of even the toughest collars.

30. Neon Converse: Last, a little DIY throwback action thanks to Velcro Industries! We took an old pair of Converse and turned them into awesome neon kicks, without the laces. Your 80s self just gave you a high five.

What are your go-to style hacks? Have you tried any of the tricks above? Tell us in the comments below!