At this point, you know the routine — beer, snacks, and shamrocks. But wait, why not try something a little different? St. Patrick’s only comes once a year, and while some foods deserve traditional repetition, green beer is not one of them. Put some new flavor in your St. Patty’s celebration with a healthy matcha smoothie, an elevated Lucky Charms dessert, or a corned beef brisket. This recipe round-up, with its slew of breakfasts, dinners, and desserts, has a little something for everyone looking for a fresh touch to their Irish weekend.

1. DIY Lucky Charms Cake: Dividing your box of Lucky Charms marshmallows offers a meditative task, and the dazzling results of this cake will make it worth it.

2. Goldschläger Candy Gems: Create your own treasure at the end of the rainbow for friends and family this year with spiked hard candy gems.

3. Lucky Charms Bars: Take your Rice Krispies treats to the next level by using Lucky Charms marshmallows. They’ll be gooey, sweet, and magical all at once.

4. Spicy Leprechaun: Jalapeño-infused tequila gives these signature cocktails a kick. The DIY stir-sticks with sparkly shamrocks will get party guests feeling the St. Patty’s spirit.

5. Skinny Artichoke and Kale Dip: Any excuse for a cheesy artichoke dip is a good excuse for us. The fact that you’re combining kale and artichokes (two green things) into this skinny take on the party favorite makes it even better.

6. Spinach Pancakes: All green, all the time, right? Okay, but actually, these shamrock cakes are adorable and healthy to boot.

7. Guinness Brownies With White Chocolate Ganache: Creamy, chocolatey, and absolutely Guiness-y, these brownies will make you a pub-crawl stopper.

8. The Pickled Surfer: St. Patrick’s Day may be your day for taking risks — like trying salty, tangy pickle juice cocktails.

9. Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake: Mint chocolate ice cream? Check. Bailey’s? Check. A minty green boozy concoction that satisfies your sweet tooth? Check, and double check!

10. Corned Beef Brisket: Stop having to choose between having brisket or corned beef for the holiday this year, and have both.

11. Matcha White Chocolate Mousse: After all the sugar and alcohol, you may want something a little healthier throughout the day. Add some matcha powder to a white chocolate mousse for a healthier take on a crowd-pleasing dessert.

12. Rainbow Funfetti Baked Donuts: Funfetti cake is already a chart-topper, but turn it into doughnut form and top with all the colors of the rainbow and you’ll have the best possible St. Patty’s rainbow ever created.

13. Dutch Oven Soda Bread: Is it really St. Patrick’s Day if there’s no soda bread? If making bread from scratch sounds scary, you can try this slightly simpler dutch oven recipe.

14. Irish Boxty Breakfast: Satisfying fuel for pre or post-celebration breakfast, boxty pancakes are made with different textures of potato then garnished with all the best breakfast trimmings like bacon and eggs.

15. Minty Irish Cream Affogato: Why settle for a regular affogato when you can up your game with mint chocolate chip ice cream and Bailey’s?

16. Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwich: Ice cream sandwiches are already enough to spark a little luck in your day, but combined with all our favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows, these sandos are sweet and magical all at once.

17. Cupcake Rainbow: Mix in some rainbow fruit toppings for these cupcakes and follow the trail to leprechaun gold.

18. Guinness Dark and Stormy: For those who don’t want to fully commit to an entire Guinness, you can infuse the Irish staple with this remixed cocktail.

19. Beer Bread Pudding: Warm, gooey bread pudding gets a little yeasty boost with a beer mix in. It’s the best combination of hearty carbs for your St. Patty’s.

20. Lucky Russians: For all those times you’ve always wanted to put marshmallows in your White Russian; come on, ya know you want to.

21. Spiked Thin Mint Brownie Bites: St. Patrick’s Day blessedly falls in the middle of Girl Scout Cookie Season, giving us all a reason to combine more favorites than one brownie bite can contain. And yet somehow, these babies manage.

22. Guinness and Baileys Jello Shots: Creamy Baileys combines with Guinness in a single bite of boozy jello goodness.

23. DIY Pretzel Bar: Invite guests to create their own pretzel masterpiece with a DIY pretzel bar.

24. Green Ombre Cake With Mirror Glaze: You’ve watched enough Instagram videos to know it’s finally time to try a mirror glaze for yourself.

25. Matcha Shamrock Smoothies: Start your day green with a matcha smoothie.

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